Season X of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has recently entered its fourth week and Epic Games has released a few updates during this period. The most recent update, which was the v10.10 Content Update released on August 20, added the Junk Rift to the popular video game. While this item was originally intended to be used as a counter to the BRUTE mechs, many players don't like it since it drastically counters building and it is really bad in competitive modes.

On the other side, the BRUTE mech does not need a special counter anymore since the video game developer has recently nerfed it.

Mech's rockets are no longer as destructive, their fire rate has been decreased, as well as the total amount fired at the same time, and the spawn rate of the vehicle has also been nerfed. However, the vehicle is still used for different purposes, and Mongraal, one of the most popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" players, has recently demonstrated how players can get Legendary items with it.

Quick Legendary loot

Both the BRUTE mech and the Rift Zones are the new features introduced to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with Season X. While the mechs were not received well by the community, not a lot of players have complained about Rift Zones. They have brought something unique to the game, and the first Rift Zone, which was Tilted Town, has building and breaking disabled, which are two things "Fortnite" is known for.

Retail Row was the second Rift Zone added to the game and zombie spawns are its unique feature. Epic Games has replaced Mega Mall with the old school Retail Row, but it comes with a twist. However, players who use BRUTE mechs inside the area can get quick Legendary loot, which is exactly what Moongral and his team recently did during the Trio’s Cash Cup.

Destroying a zombie spawner drops a Legendary item, as well as some other goodies. The professional "Fortnite Battle Royale" player used the BRUTE mech and it's jumping and stomping abilities to destroy the spawners in one shot, earning Legendary loot and leaving the zone with a fantastic loadout. Epic Games will most likely nerf BRUTE mech's damage against zombie spawners, and it could be done in the next week's update.

The Legendary loadout

The trio that consisted of Mongraal, Benjyfishy, and Mitr0 had a fantastic loadout during the tournament thanks to the Retail Row trick. In almost every match, all three players had two Legendary items, and Mitro even had four such items in the third match with the Heavy Sniper Rifle, the RPG, the SCAR, and the Legendary Tactical Shotgun. In addition to this, the trio had a lot of Launch Pads at their disposal, which granted them a huge advantage in the final circles of the game.