Fortnite’s” v10.10 content update is now live and has officially introduced what players deem to be an equally overpowered item known as the Junk Rift. However, rumors are going around that Epic Games could be vaulting one of the battle royale shooter’s popular builds and players have already expressed their thoughts about it.

The pyramid/cone rumors

Talks have been rife about the pyramid/cone build getting vaulted from the game as these can be seen on several social media posts. There were even uploads on YouTube featuring “Fortnite” streamers talking about it and albeit there’s no confirmation yet from Epic, they’re pretty much irked on such an idea.

One of the game’s biggest streamers - Tfue addressed the pyramid/cone rumor in his recent livestream where he asked on when will it be removed from the game. When asked on what are his thoughts about it, he responded that he’s down to it. He can even be heard saying, “what if they remove the ramp?” “...and you have to pre-edit your cone or just hop all the time.”

Players are not happy about the idea

Over on Twitter, there’s quite a number of players who tweeted about it from confirming if the rumors are true to others swearing that they’ll resort to playing other BR titles and even “Minecraft” that has become relevant once again. There are some who ask fellow players if they’ll still play “Fortnite” in the event that the rumors fit in the bag.

Be reminded that these are just rumors and it’s very unlikely that the pyramid/cone build will be taken off from the game. At the time of writing, Epic has yet to address this emerging concern of their player base.

Junk Rifts and Glitched Consumables

As mentioned above, the new Junk Rift item has been added into “Fortnite” that allows players to rain down (through the Rift) heavy objects on their opponents and yes, even on those B.R.U.T.E.s.

Per the patch notes, it has a direct hit damage of 200 and this slightly knocks players back. It also has a shockwave hit of 100 and both hits instantly destroy both vehicles and other destructible objects upon impact.

The Junk Rifts have been deemed by players to be a good counter for B.R.U.T.E.s. However, others have already devised ways on how to counter this new item.

The content update also brought in these so-called Glitched Consumables and according to its description, a blown-up Rift Beacon will be creating these forageable items that keep turning into another form of forageable items. These consumables include:

  • Mushrooms - +5 shield
  • Apples - +5 health
  • Peppers – player’s movement will be increased for a short duration
  • Hop Rocks – decreases player gravity
  • Coconuts – gives five Effective Health (sum of player’s health and shiel)
  • Shadow Stones – allow players to turn them into ghosts for a short time and slightly increases their movement speed. Due to an issue, however, the item has been disabled by Epic.