Epic has just rolled out the patch notes for “Fortnite’s” V10.00 content update where it officially introduced Tilted Town as the new Rift Zone in its battle royale mode. Players were pretty much disappointed, however, upon learning that the building mechanic - which made the game unique, along with other similar titles, has been disabled. That said, a player recently expressed his ire towards Epic’s decision, in an unusual way, and this has caught the attention of the people of the interweb.

Chowing it down

Reddit user u/AuraxisKnight recently posted a short clip over on the game’s subreddit showing his dismay towards the no-build rule within Tilted Town.

The minute-long video shows the OP chowing down on a PlayStation gift card, after making a promise he’d do it in the event that Epic decided to add such mechanics in the game. It can be seen, however, that the OP was having a hard time swallowing the pulp of paper and ended up gagging.

Building inside Tilted

Fortunately, players stumbled upon a couple of glitches that allowed them to build inside the Wild West-themed POI. The first glitch requires a hoverboard, some mats to build with, and a weapon. Per the video, posted over on Reddit by u/NebulaiOS (via @remyfromars), the trick is as simple as players shooting themselves into the POI while riding the hoverboard. If done correctly, players can now build within Tilted Town.

Another glitch, discovered by @JavasFN, only needs a few materials to pull off. In his tweet, he said that players will just have to build a platform in between the outside and inside portions of the dome. Editing the structure will be somewhat pushing them inside the dome and for some reason, it will now allow them to build inside Tilted Town.

At the time of writing, the above-mentioned glitches can still be utilized in-game, though they are expected to be patched real soon. Until then, players can still use these glitches and beat other players that are still unaware of the exploits.

Returning POIs

Now that Tilted has been repackaged and reintroduced in the game, it may well be that the “Fortnite” player base will be reacquainted to more past POIs, if dataminers’ claims are anything to go by.

The leaker, known as HYPEX (@HYPEX), recently tweeted several screenshots of what could be codes for the game. According to him, a new challenge was added into the Season X game files dubbed as “Quest_BR_SprayVehicles_ DifferentLocation.” What made it interesting was that the screenshots contained names of past locations in "Fortnite":

  • Moisty Mire
  • Anarchy Acres
  • Risky Reels
  • Greasy Grove

It's important to note that these are yet to be confirmed by Epic and should be taken with pinches of salt, in the meantime.