FortniteSeason 10 (Season X) is well underway as Epic brought back popular points of interest on the game’s ever-changing map. With that in mind, dataminers dug deep into the game files yet again and it may well seem that more POIs from the past will be reintroduced in the game, though these may come with a twist.

Tilted Town

The dataminer who goes by the moniker FortTory recently made a barrage of tweets suggesting the return of one of the most infamous POIs in “Fortnite: BR” - Tilted Towers. Per the leaker, Tilted will be repackaged and will be reintroduced in the game with some Wild West feel to it.

Further, he also pointed out that the yet to be confirmed POI will be somewhat enclosed inside a huge bubble-like structure.

FortTory even managed to unearth several audios from the game files as three of them sounds like one is entering the orb while the other two are Western-themed music. He also dug up numerous 3D renders of the soon to be called Tilted Town where it featured structures including the huge bubble that envelopes the entirety of the POI. A short clip was also tweeted out by the dataminer where it showed how the Western-themed Tilted would look like in-game.

Rift Beacon

In his recent tweets, he posted another set of 3D renders of what he calls a Rift Beacon Threat.

It may well seem that these game assets were added in the files just recently as the dataminer claims that the leaked item has connections with the Nexus, the Zero Point, and the Rift. FortTory went on stating that it has audios in the “Athena/Events” file of the game. For the uninitiated, the Athena fil folder is where all the battle royale assets of the game can be found.

The dataminer was able to extract 16 sound files that are related to the so-called Rift Beacon. In line with this, he also tweeted out a screenshot of a long string of codes claiming that this Rift Beacon will be somewhat connected to Tilted Town including the bubble. Just like Tilted, FortTory also posted a short in-game clip of what he calls a particle leak.

He then theorized that the beacon could be the one activating the rift that will transform Neo Tilted to its Wild West counterpart.

Meanwhile, the “Fortnite” BR community is pretty much acquainted with the game’s latest addition known as B.R.U.T.E.

However, by the time they experienced it insane power, players are in unison to remove/vault the overpowered mech.

The time when Epic Games officially launched “Fortnite” Season 10 and introduced the giant robot, players (especially on Twitter) have already expressed their ire about the OP mech vehicle. Others even pointed out that the B.R.U.T.E. gets in the way in completing the game’s challenges. Epic has yet to respond to their community’s request.