Epic Games has released the tenth season of "Fortnite Battle Royale" on August 1, bringing many changes to the popular video game. While Season X hasn't added any new inventory items, it has changed the look of the map and the game developer has vaulted a few items as well. Fortunately, there will be more changes to the weapon loadout as the "Fortnite" creator is going to release a new weapon very soon.

As soon as the v10.00 patch came out, "Fortnite Battle Royale" data miners checked the game data to find out what Epic Games put inside. As it has been the case before, the game developer put a lot of new games files that will become active at some point in Season X.

Thanks to these files, players can see new items that are coming to the game, as well as the items that will be available for purchase in the Item Shop. One of the leaked items is the Automatic Sniper Rifle.

Automatic Sniper Rifle is coming to the game

The Automatic Sniper Rifle has been found in the v10.00 patch data, and it will most likely be released in the early weeks of Season X. Data miners have also found the stats of this weapon, showing us how powerful it is going to be when it comes to the game. Considering that it's an automatic weapon, its damage will be lower, and it will be interesting to see how players adapt to it.

The new weapon will come in four different variants: Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Gold).

All of these rarities have the same fire rate (four bullets per second) and the magazine size (16), but here are their differences:

  • Uncommon variant: 30 damage, 3.99 seconds reload time
  • Rare variant: 31 damage, 3.8 seconds reload time
  • Epic variant: 33 damage, 3.61 seconds reload time
  • Legendary variant: 35 damage, 3.42 seconds reload time

Each variant will use Medium Bullets and its headshot multiplier will most likely be 2.5, just like in every other sniper rifle in the game.

This means that the best variant of the weapon will be capable of dealing 87.5 damage per headshot, while the Uncommon variant will deal 75 damage with it.

The Vault

Epic Games has released the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle with the v9.41 Content Update on July 23. This was the last weapon that was added in Season 9, and it will most likely stay in the game for at least a few more weeks.

However, with the addition of this sniper rifle, many players consider that there are too many snipers in the game, which is why the "Fortnite" developer will probably vault one of them when the new sniper comes out.

The Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle has been recently nerfed, so it may be vaulted soon. The new weapon will be very similar to it, so it would make sense that Epic Games removes it.