Crossover events have grown to become one of the penchants in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” with the most recent being the game’s collaboration with Gearbox’s “Borderlands 3.” That said, it looks like another franchise team-up is on the way if the recent leaks are anything to go by.

The Creepy Balloon

Known “Fortnite” dataminer FortTory (@FortTory) is just one of the leakers who took to Twitter to show what could be a hint at a possible crossover event with Pennywise’s “IT” movie franchise. The dataminer’s tweet shows a 3D render of a balloon that’s being labeled as “CreepyBalloon.”

Inverse also covered the story where they noted as to why would Epic Games name the asset as “creepy” when it looks like just a typical balloon.

The publication believes that it is the strongest hint that the item is related in some way to an “It: Chapter Two” collab.

Pennywise audio files

Such speculation was further strengthened when a recent tweet from Archer Fortnite (@archer_fortnite) featured what the dataminer claims to be sound effects from the yet to be confirmed collaboration. His post contained four sound bites that were named “Illinois Laugh” where evil laughter similar to Pennywise the clown’s can be heard. It’s also worth noting that it’s quite unusual that the audio files were named “Illinois” albeit the fact that the movie takes place in Derry, Maine.

Fortnite” players might recall the “Stranger Things” crossover where it introduced a Demogorgon skin in the game. That said, it is possible that players may be getting a Pennywise skin in the game provided that such team-up is confirmed. If such thing happens, it is likely that the event will be rolled out the same day the “It” movie is released in cinemas which is on September 6.

Previously leaked stuff

Update v10.20 has brought in numerous changes in the game one of which is the now reverted Turbo Build nerf. The game files were also updated due to this and dataminers have dug up some interesting stuff by the time the said patch went live.

One of the information that got leaked is the possible return of the popular point of interest in the game known as Greasy Grove. FortTory tweeted a screenshot suggesting that a Rift Beacon will soon appear on the POI’s original location on the map. The dataminer also tweeted another screenshot of a so-called Zapper Trap, though, it was not disclosed on how the item works. Other leaks include the floating cube island, more Rift Beacon auroras, and a 3D render of a butterfly

These leaks sure are interesting as they keep the “Fortnite” community still hyped about it despite the game’s recent screw-ups. However, these should be taken with some pinches of salt until it is confirmed by Epic themselves.