The clunky mech suits in “Fortnite: Battle Royale" known as the B.R.U.T.E.s is without a doubt one of the most controversial items in the game and most of the game’s player base want to have it completely removed despite it being nerfed. That said, the long-overdue request has been granted as Epic Games announced that they removed the once overpowered suit...for now.

BRUTEs disabled in the game

In a recent tweet, the developer stated that they’ve temporarily disabled the B.R.U.T.E.s from all the playlists. They further explained that it is due to an issue being caused by the mech’s air stomp attack.

They went on to state that they are currently working to resolve the problem, though they did not mention a definite timeline on when will it be back.

The “Fortnite” community was obviously delighted upon learning the decision and most of them want the mechs to be permanently removed from the battle royale shooter. Down in the comments, a lot of players tweeted that it’s an issue in the game that they don’t want to get resolved. Others stated that now‘s the time to finally enjoy the game.

For the uninitiated, the B.R.U.T.E.’s air stomp attack allows the mech rider to launch the robot suit into the air and come straight down with a substantial amount of force to inflict massive damage on enemies below it.

Alongside its stomp attack, the mech’s got some insane firepower attached to it making it virtually unstoppable until it got nerfed.

Epic identifying the issue in Turbo Building

Another issue that got players irked, even more, was the v10.20 update of the game where it brought in several changes in the game including the turbo build nerf.

The backlash it received made Epic release an official statement explaining why they did it, though players are not having it. The decision was then reverted.

The “Fortnite” community noticed, however, that there was a bit of delay while they’re turbo building and this sparked some speculations that the developer did something stealthy.

Epic clarified in a recent tweet that they didn’t change anything this time. According to the developer, there were no intentional changes that were made since reverting their turbo build nerf.

In a follow-up tweet, Epic stated that they’ve already identified the reason behind turbo building’s inconsistency after their August 28 adjustments. They added that they already implemented a hotfix for the said issue and assured the “Fortnite” community that they’ll be releasing a lasting fix in their upcoming client update. Now that turbo build is back to where it was (despite some minor changes), players can now enjoy doing those fast 90s again in the game.