"Fortnite" season 10, aka season X has seen big changes being incorporated. The most visible change is the challenges which will unlock in the coming days of the week and each day will dawn with a new mission to complete. Successful campaigns will get the player's experience points and Battle stars and more.

The "Fortnite" hidden battle stars have remained a unique feature of the game with loading screens which are unlockable and often features hints about their locations each week. This is going to change in "Fortnite" Season 10. Earlier there were features like Utopia, Blockbuster and Snowfall challenges but for this season 10, it changes every week.

"Fortnite" is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and also most gaming consoles including PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One. It is a multiplayer game where the player is parachuted to an island where he has to eliminate opponents to the last person standing stage. The gaming platform had become extremely popular and by the end of March 2019, the game had more than 250 million registered users. The Verge had in 2018 declared the 'Fortnite' as the year's most important social network. The game also spawned many other events including the latest giant robot versus monster battle which was hosted by the "Fortnite."

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Path to the finals

The route to season 10 finals will not be easy and teams will have to clear via the standard three-round Trios event each weekend for the coming five weeks.

Each server region will have the top teams advancing to the next stage. The road to the finals will be by scoring Series Points, which Epic Games said will be based upon every team's final scores every week.

Lots of money in for grabs

Epic Games on Friday said that more than $10 million is available for the players to be won and the "Fortnite" Champion Series will also come with more routes to get into the season finale.

The competition is scheduled to start on August 17 and the finals will be taking place from September 20 to 22. "Fortnite" is acquiring a cultural status and last month a 16-year-old whiz kid won a whopping $3 million Fornite World Cup, with 2 million viewers watching.

Season 10, Week 2 is in full force now, with a whole new batch of challenges and special rewards.

The first two weeks were meant to have battle stars hidden in their loading screens, and there are indeed clues to a secret location in each one of them. Stay tuned to Blasting News Gaming for more updates on "Fortnite Battle Royale".

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