The “Destiny 2” community is pretty much well-acquainted with “Shadowkeep” and “New Light’s” new launch window. Game developer Bungie also revealed other upcoming changes in the game and addressed several in-game stuff which include changes in the Mountaintop quest and BrayTech RNG, Masterworking Solstice armor, and players’ suggestion of making mods removable.

On removable mods

Community Manager Dmg recently responded that the team has been made aware of players’ feedback about removable mods. He added that “specifically, players desire a way to retain mods that have been applied to weapons.” Dmg went on stating that there’s one thing that they made sure they highlight – the negative feedback of players who spent long hours of grinding just to grab ahold of a certain mod (especially the ones connected to the Black Armory) and “how it isn’t a great feeling” of losing such mod whenever they’re trying on other mods.

After the Solstice

Dmg recently took to Twitter to confirm that players can Masterwork the Solstice armor pieces right after the Solstice of Heroes event. The announcement was also posted by a Reddit user over on the game’s subreddit and it’s pretty evident on the upvotes that players are delighted about it.

On EAZ’s 100 mini bosses

That said, he also addressed another suggestion that was brought up on Reddit about 100 mini bosses not being a pain in the butt if every elimination gets counted. Reddit user u/King2DThrone further explained that a decent run within the European Aerial Zone (EAZ) would net players somewhere around 10 mini boss elims (for a total of 10 runs).

However, the OP pointed out that after every match, players usually notice that they only net around four or five elims hence, doubling their effort. As for Dmg’s response, he stated that they are now checking on the feedback, though he pointed out that he can’t make any promises on a change. He went on to say that they’ll be giving the community a heads up whenever a plan arises.

Mini boss exploit

In line with this, there was an exploit that was recently discovered where players together with their fireteam head to the EAZ and look for three Cabal bosses (the ones that have rocket launchers on their backs). Next is to eliminate a couple of those and leave one alive. This will prompt a Psion to spawn every 40 seconds and see to it that every member of the fireteam takes a shot at it.

Meanwhile, players have recently called Bungie’s attention regarding an issue in the game where character models aren’t loading properly thus being referred to as “invisible Guardians.” Creative Lead Lars Bakken tweeted out that the bug was already fixed last month, though he advised players to report such occurrence in the game.

Last week’s TWAB post provided a preview on what changes will go live in “Destiny 2’s” update and as mentioned, both Mountaintop and BrayTech Schematics are a part of it. By the time the patch goes live, the pinnacle quests for both the legendary grenade launcher alongside Wendigo GL3 will become more accessible. It was also stated that specific objectives will be tuned based on player feedback. As for BrayTech, Bungie decided that it will no longer have a daily lockout adding that it will provide players better chances towards weapons that they are yet to obtain.