"Fortnite: Battle Royale" was updated to patch v10.20 on August 27 and it brought a new point-of-interest called "Pandora" to the desert biome, a new Shield Bubble item, and some building mechanics change that has infuriated a lot of players. According to the official patch notes by Epic Games, Turbo Building placement time has returned to 0.15 seconds from the previous 0.05 seconds.

Furthermore, Epic has stated that with this change, they want to "level the playing field regarding ping " when it comes down to turtling, wall retakes, quick high ground gains, etc.

Since the release of the update, "Fortnite" has received backlash from the community because the new change drastically affects players who are good at building large structures within seconds.

Reason for building nerf

After the patch notes blog, Epic Games came forward to provide some more information regarding the decision of changing build times. According to the latest blog update, Epic has increased the building delay to 0.15 because the rapid Turbo building was benefitting players with low ping "in disproportionate ways." Two of the most prominent building techniques that are affected by this change are "Turtling" and "Wall Retake."

While Epic did nerf some mechanics for players with almost 0 pings, the change also stops players from accidentally placing building pieces while turbo building.

Epic wants placements to build fights to be more deliberate and less spammy while not taking away the responsiveness of building. They have also mentioned that do not want the changes to dramatically impact "90s" and "waterfall," although the building delay does nerf both of the techniques for players with low pings.

Future changes

Going forward, Epic Games will be expanding the nerf logic by introducing more changes to building mechanics in future updates. Currently, "Fortnite" is looking into replacing the building delay with the rate of fire logic that will allow instantaneous first piece placement and no way to build faster than the 0.15 seconds delay for the rest of the pieces.

Lastly, future changes to the delay might include enforcing the "rate of fire" for contested pieces, especially wall retakes. Players attempting to rebuild a destroyed piece within 0.15 seconds delay will be added to a list and the winner of the interaction will be picked by either a coin flip between players that do not currently own the piece, a coin flip between all players that are trying to build, or it will be in the favor of the player currently owning the piece. While this way of placing structure might sound ridiculous, it does make the game fair for people with high ping connection.