Epic Games has released the v10.20 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on August 27, bringing several gameplay changes to the popular video game. The "Borderlands" collaboration is what made the patch interesting as the "Fortnite" developer added a special Rift Zone that's from that game. However, the patch is very controversial due to the building nerf that was released with it and many players, both casual and competitive, have criticized it.

Turbo Building, the feature added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the v3.0.0 patch, has been changed with the August 27 update.

Epic Games has increased the delay between building pieces to 0.15 seconds, up from 0.05 seconds. In short, this means that players now build three times slower than before when using Turbo Building. The "Fortnite" creator has explained why this change has been implemented, and players can expect even more changes to be released soon.

Epic's explanation regarding the nerf

While both casual and competitive players have complained about the nerf, the truth is that the change benefits players who are not very skilled. Building is a huge part of "Fortnite Battle Royale" and it's what makes it unique among battle royale games. Best players are usually amazing builders, which means that the change makes the skill gap between them and those less skilled much lower.

"Rapid Turbo Building favors players with low ping in disproportionate ways," is what Epic Games wrote in the blog post, which is one reason why Turbo Building was nerfed. Players with higher ping are not anymore at a disadvantage when fighting low-ping warriors duo to this change. Another reason was turtling, which favored defenders who would hold down mouse button.

The third reason for the change, according to Epic Games, was building piece placement accuracy as it's "easy to accidentally place multiple pieces 'at once.'" And finally, the game developer is against spam building and wants it to be more deliberate.

Future updates

It is important to note that the 0.15-second delay was in the game until the v4.3 patch, so many players had played for over a season with this delay.

The latest change was not a new one, but there will be some new changes that will come to the game in the future.

Epic's goal is to "replace initial building and turbo building delay with rate of fire logic" and "enforce rate of fire for contested pieces." There would be a minimum time before players can rebuild the destroyed building piece and it would not be affected by the ping of either attacker or defender. The latest change definitely helps players with a higher ping, but the game developer may decide to revert it due to the numerous complaints by the community.