Ubisoft has made some big announcements for its "Ghost Recon" franchise. After the announcement of the final DLC content for its "Ghost Recon Wildlands," the company is making another announcement for its much-awaited tactical shooter video game, "Ghost Recon Breakpoint." The company has just announced the second technical test for the new tactical shooter game.

According to Ubisoft, the second technical test will be held across all gaming platforms. The online technical test, which the main purpose is to test online functions, will be conducted for a number of randomly selected users only.

Not everyone will be able to join the second technical test, even those users who already pre-ordered the game.

However, those who already have pre-ordered the upcoming shooter game will get access to the beta version once its release in the market. For those who have not yet pre-order the new shooter game, they can still register and get the chance to play. They can visit Ubisoft’s official website for more details about the beta access. The second technical test will start on July 26 and ends on July 29. The participating users or testers are expected to aid the game developers in fine-tuning its online and connection services, but not the content.

Breakpoint receives a rating from ESRB

Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter game has just received a mature rating from ESRB due to lots of violence and languages.

Details about the ESRB’s rating about this new game can be found on the ESRB’s official website. The link to the summary of the ESRB can also be found on Twitter, courtesy of Twitter user Wario64.

First established in September 1994 by the Entertainment Software Association, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is a non-profit, American self-regulatory organization that assigns content ratings to Video Games and apps.

The ESRB’s rating system, which used judgment similar to the motion picture rating systems, encompasses guidance about contents, interactive elements, and appropriate age. The ESRB has been formed to address the excessively violent and sexual contents on today’s video games.

Ubisoft releases the final update for Wildlands

In other Ghost Recon-related stories, the French developer has finally dropped the final content update for its wildly popular tactical shooter game, "Ghost Recon Wildlands." The latest update is the brand-new PvPvE mode, eight-player free-for-all Mercenaries update.

This brand-new content is divided into three phases, the Recon, the Helicopter Deployment and finally, the Extraction. In addition, Ubisoft is also giving seven rewards for playing the new Mercenaries mode. Check the trailer for more about the Mercenaries mode.

"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands" is currently available across all platforms, while "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" is scheduled for release next month, October 4. Like its predecessor, the Wildlands, "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" will also be made available across all platforms, PS4, PC and Xbox One. Both Wildlands and the upcoming tactical shooter "Breakpoint" will be made available through Ubisoft’s Uplay, an upcoming new PC game subscription service. Uplay will be launched on September 3.