After two and a half year, Ubisoft has finally revealed to the gaming world its latest and upcoming online tactical shooter game. A sequel to the 2017’s hit game Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the eleventh installment in the action-packed Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon game series.

The game’s story takes place in the year 2023, in an open world environment called Aurora, a fictional island somewhere in the Pacific. This fictional island is owned by a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist named Jace Skell, the founder and head of Skell Technology, a huge weapon manufacturer and top US military contractor.

The player, which will take the role of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony "Nomad" Perryman, will be sent to the fictional island to investigate a series of disturbances involving the huge military contractor Skell Technology. The fictitious company is currently based on Aurora and working on a wide variety of weapon development. Perryman is a member of the elite and highly-trained US Special Forces, also known as Ghosts. The Ghosts, according to Ubisoft is a fictional elite special operation unit of the United States Army.

New Ghost Recon game gets a new look

Ubisoft has already given us a small glimpse of the exciting features and gameplay in its preview build. Some of the new improvements added in their next tactical shooter include the Resolution Scaling, Sharpening filter, Framerate limit, Extended FOV setting and support for HDR.

These new additions have been added to make the game more tactical and more engaging than the previous Ghost Recon Wildlands game. According to the game developer, the fictional island Aurora will offer a much larger gaming environment than the gaming world featured in Wildlands.

The new game also provides more techniques to sharpen the players’ survival skills.

In the new game, players can now increase their camouflage factor by applying mud on their own bodies, making them more creative. The camouflage boost would allow players to blend with their environment, making them more stealthy and lethal. The new advanced cover system is immensely powerful. It will help players hide and avoid being tracked by a helicopter or shield themselves against the enemy’s fire.

The new cover system will players adapt to their surroundings, thus increasing their camouflage ability. There’s also a new injury system, which will help players heal their damaged characters.

Unfortunately, the new game will be more challenging and difficult than the previous Ghost Recon game. Enemies will be more realistic, able to respond to every player actions and patrols. Enemies will also have more access to many of the same skills, equipment, and weapons that are available to the Ghost Recon players.

As for the gameplay, Breakpoint places a larger emphasis on survival than the previous Ghost Recon game. Ubisoft is adding a ton of survival elements and tasks onboard. However, players will need to collect some resources required to craft important survival items like syringes and bandages.

Players are also required to perform some weapon maintenance to keep them in working condition. They can also check their body and health status. All of these survival tasks can only be made using the safe area Bivouac shelters, which allow players to manage equipment, classes, craft items and even increase stamina. This makeshift camp is quite useful for players especially if they are moving from mission to mission or low on ammo.

Aside from a strong focus on survival, Breakpoint will also be more techie. The new game will be adding new drones, which include Andras, Malphas and Azrael drones. These drones are very much deadly and more dangerous at this time. Taking them out will require good teamwork and effective battle plan.

In addition, Ubisoft has also announced plans to provide regular post-launch support with seasonal updates. The regular updates will include new contents, new weapons, new gear, new equipment, new missions, and challenging modes and even special events.

A close look at the new game

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an upcoming online tactical shooter game played from a third-person perspective. The game is set in an open-world gaming environment called Aurora. This fictional island, which located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, features a wide variety of landscapes that can be used by Ghost Recon players for tactical advantages.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set for global release on October 4, 2019.

The new game will be released first on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One, followed by release on Google Stadia in November 2019.

Ubisoft also announced that the two DLC updates, Deep State and Transcendence, will be released to the public, following the game’s first release.