Epic Games recently held an "Ask Me Anything" session about "Fortnite: Battle Royale" on the "r/FortniteCompetitive" subreddit, and it seems like the developers were able to answer most of the queries while dodging some of the main questions. The developers talked about the adjustments that will be coming to "Fortnite" in the next patch as well as the future plans for the game.

Important questions asked in the AMA

The session started off with players asking about a loot pool in competitive modes.

Q: /u/JorisR94: Are you guys considering a separate loot pool for Arena/competitive?

A: Not at the present time.

Developers further justified their decision by saying that "Fortnite's" aim is to keep the core battle royale gameplay for players of all skill level is healthy for the overall game. Furthermore, viewers also enjoy the competitive side of the game even if they're don't actively participate in it. However, changes such as the Siphon feature is brought in those matches from time to time but the threshold for branching core game is still very high.

Q: /u/Kessarean: Will FOV see a reconsideration?

A: We have no plans to implement a FOV slider.

Epic Games' goal for competitive "Fortnite" players is to support them in their journey of becoming stars. They want them to build their own audience around the kind of gameplay and performance that they present and a factor that plays a big role in achieving that goal is to listen to the desire of the viewers.

Players have already seen an instance of similar adjustment with the removal of stretched resolution from the game. While some streamers felt that it was necessary for them to play with a stretched resolution, it had a bad impact on the watching experience for their fans. This is one of the main reasons why Epic Games won't adjust the current FOV of "Fortnite."

Q: /u/Pmoney98: The shotgun pullout delay was initially added to prevent the ‘double shotgun’ meta.

In the current state of the game, the double shotgun is both obsolete and irrelevant. The pullout delay feels obtrusive and clunky. Are there any plans to change this?

Epic replied to this question by saying that they were looking into a possible change here. Due to the availability of the Pump Shotgun in the creative mode, they want to make sure that any adjustments made to the delay take into account the unique character of the Pump Shotgun.

The weapon can also make a return in the main game so they also want to make sure that any changes made to it now don't affect the weapon in the future.

Q: Any plans on removing the boom bow?

The developers said that there will adjustments coming to the Boom Bow in patch 9.20 and that they will continue to evaluate it after the update goes live.

Q: What’s the percentage on the number of deaths by a Drum Gun or SMG?

A: Drum Guns are currently accountable for 5.26% of eliminations.

Pump Shotgun not returning any time soon

While the moderators quickly answered most of the questions, a question which was about the Pump Shotgun and Combat Shotgun was left unanswered even though it was the most upvoted comment on the thread.

The inquiry said: "You mentioned pump shotguns made up 26% of all kills in Fortnite. Where does this number stand now with combat shotguns? Where did it stand before the spawn rate of combat shotguns got reduced?"

Considering that this vital question was ignored, it seems like Epic Games has no plans for unvaulting the Pump Shotgun anytime soon.