Only a couple of hours remain until the latest content update until "Fortnite: Battle Royale" patch v9.10 goes live and like all the other game content updates, this content update is not going to have any downtime and there will be no update download required after the patch is released. Epic Games announced the official release time for the content update and it is set to go live on May 29th at 8 AM ET(1200 UTC).

New Burst SMG

The new Sub Machine gun, which was already leaked by data miners after the release of patch v9.10, was officially introduced in the in-game news feed yesterday, so players are probably going to see the new weapon in the game after the latest content update goes live.

Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi has already revealed the stats and animation for the upcoming weapon and considering its damage and rarity, it might be an overpowered weapon. Here are the stats for Burst SMG:

  • Rarity: Common/Uncommon/Rare
  • Damage: 23 (Common)/24 (Uncommon)/25 (Rare)
  • Reload Time: 2.475 (Common) /2.3625 (Uncommon)/2.25 (Rare)
  • Ammo Type: Light
  • Fire Rate: 3.4/sec
  • Magazine Size: 20

Compared to the other common weapons, the Burst SMG might be a good starting weapon because it can deal almost 70 health/shield damage in a second. The data miner also managed to get his hands on the reload animation for the weapon and the gun does not really have a fancy animation.

New Wilde starter pack

Data miners found a slew of new cosmetic items in the last "Fortnite" update and some of those cosmetic items were a part of the "Wilde Starter Pack" that is yet to go live in "Fortnite: Battle Royale." Currently, the game is featuring the Laguna pack but there's a chance that the new starter pack will be displayed in the store section of the game after the latest content update.

The new Wilde pack includes the "Wilde" outfit, Palette Pack back bling, and 600 V-Bucks. The official price for this starter pack has not been announced yet but it might cost $5 as usual.

'Fortnite' collaborates with a Rubiu5

Just before the announcement of the content update, the official Twitter account for "Fortnite" retweeted a tweet from another person.

The tweet included an image of a "monster" and the letter "F" from "Fortnite" on a dark background. Here's the tweet:

This retweet left some fans very confused because the majority of "Fortnite's" fanbase might not know of this person. The person has a huge following with 12 million followers on Twitter and almost 35 million subscribers on YouTube. It turns out that the person has the record of most viewed Fortnite live stream with over one million people watching it.

"Fortnite" has collaborated with many popular names in the past, so it won't be a surprise if Epic Games has organized some sort of tournament with Rubiu5 being a part of it.