Bungie’s latest TWAB revealed a lot of interesting stuff that got the “Destiny 2” community pretty much hyped about the Season of Opulence. The developer also addressed other topics that were not in the recent blog post which include Catalysts for certain exotics, challenges for titles, and some Glory clarifications.

They’ll be back

Community Manager Dmg made some sort of addendum over on Reddit as he stated that as soon as the June 4 update goes live, players will now be able to track all of the Catalysts through Triumphs. This came after a Reddit user pointed out that Bungie previously mentioned that they would give out information on Catalysts for the Sunshot, Graviton Lance, and Sweet Business.

Dmg further explained that after acquiring an Exotic, players can now check the new Triumph under “Account” -> “Exotic Catalyst.” He added that the Triumph will come alongside a description as to where it is located (can be either straightforward or a bit more mysterious). As for the above-mentioned Exotics’ Catalysts, Dmg stated that these will be back on the menu by the time “D2’s” Update 2.5.0 goes live. He went on, stating that they’ll provide a full writeup about it on next week’s TWAB as the info about Catalysts was received after they’ve already locked in the latest blog.

On Glory and RNG

Dmg also made some clarifications regarding “D2’s” Glory ranks.

According to him, if players are trying to acquire the new Revoker Pinnacle Sniper, the quest in getting it will have a 3,500 Glory points requisite, adding that losses will not count against their progress. However, if they are trying to reach a specific Glory rank, players will lose Glory points whenever they lose a match.

He also touched the topic of RNG as someone from the Bungie forums expressed her ire towards the drop rate of the Exotic Fusion Rifle One Thousand Voices and the Last Wish raid. Dmg replied that the dev team is zeroing in on challenges for titles instead of RNG rewards. He also revealed that during Season of Opulence’s development, there were already notes on the upcoming season’s title to be aware of the feedback over this as well.

Kotaku editor Jason Schreier hyped

Cozmo, on the other hand, recently tweeted out that they’re about to reveal “Destiny 2’s” next chapter on June 6 at 10 A.M. PT. Kotaku editor Jason Schreier also took to Twitter to express how hyped he is with Thursday’s reveal. He even tweeted out that he already heard a bit of what’s about to be unveiled next week, though he is tight-lipped about it. Meanwhile, The Game Awards' producer, Geoff Keighley also tweeted that he’ll be at the “Future of Bungie and Destiny 2” panel during this year’s E3 event on Tuesday, June 11.