Matt Vaughn –popularly as Dellor over on Twitch– is known for his penchant for rage on his streams whenever things don’t go his way while playing a game. The dude’s back from a 30-day ban after dishing out some harsh criticisms towards a female streamer last April. To his dismay, however, he found out that his Twitch partnership has been removed.


During his comeback stream, Dellor can be seen pretty upset after learning that his only source of income has been taken away from him. He was trying to hold back the tears, at first, but eventually began to cry as he stated that he waited for 30 days only to stream without a sub button.

He also said on his stream that he’s not even sure if he still gets paid albeit the subscriptions he’s been getting.

He can also be heard saying “It won’t come back. They told me they terminated it.” “I just found out they terminated it and apparently I was supposed to have known through an email, but they didn’t actually send it.” He then asked Twitch folks to help him with his situation adding that he no longer had contacts and his “partner email” was now unusable. Dellor went on saying that the only contact that he had already told him that can no longer help him.

Why he got banned

Back in April, Dellor had a heated argument, with a female player, during his "Apex Legends" stream and started yelling offensive stuff towards that player.

This resulted in his month-long ban and he even took to Twitter to announce it. On his tweet, he stated that he got an indefinite ban adding that he’s aware of what type of person he is and the mistakes that he made. The streamer went on stating that streaming on Twitch is his entire life and begged Twitch not to take it away from him.

In 2017, one of his infamous rages got clipped while playing “Overwatch” as he repeatedly blurted out the N-word.


Yesterday (May 30), Dellor uploaded a YouTube video titled “Dellor Unbanned on the 1st" where he can be seen smashing a bunch of PC keyboards in a number of ways. However, all that excitement was short-lived after what he just discovered on his Twitch account.

Dot Esports also covered the story and noted that the streamer is unlikely to get any sympathy from the Twitch community due to his volatile behavior. Nevertheless, there are still some who believe that Twitch should reinstate Dellor’s partnership and give him another chance. One of them is a YouTuber named Brecci who commented that no one deserves such misfortune, adding that Twitch is ruining the streamer's life. Others even pointed out all the work Dellor has done to build his career on the platform and it pains them to see their favorite streamer on such state.