The third week of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" season 9 week three is going to end soon and the challenges for the next week will go live in a few hours. As usual, data miners were able to leak the whole list of challenges for next week before their official in-game release. The well known Fortnite leaker, Lucas7Yoshi, was able to reveal the challenges for the week four of season nine after the release of patch v9.10.

Challenges for week four of 'Fortnite' season 9

Just like the challenges from the rest of the weeks, week four challenges consists of seven challenges.

Out of the seven challenges, three will be available to everyone while the rest of the four challenges are exclusive to season nine battle pass owners. Here are all the challenges from the next week:

Week 4 challenge guide

While there isn't anything exciting about the challenges from the upcoming week, some of the challenges of week four tasks players with visiting and interacting with some of the new landmarks and features introduced in the latest season of "Fortnite."

The first challenge is fairly simple, players just have to pick up a sniper rifle and deal damage to opponents.

There are different Sniper Rifle choices available in the game such as Heavy Sniper, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Hunting Rifle, and the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle and if you are not really good at aiming then the Team Rumble mode is the best game mode to complete this challenge in.

In the second challenge, players have to dance inside Holographic Tomato head which is located in Mega Mall, Holographic Durr Burger located in Neo Tilted, and giant Dumpling head located in Lucky Landing.

The new Dumpling head indicated that the other two food chains have another competition now and the latest leaks also reveal that the dumpling head will be getting its own unique mascot outfit.

The next challenge can be quickly completed in Solid Gold mode because all of the weapons in this mode are of legendary rarity and the Limited Time Mode is available in the current game playlist.

The fourth challenge from the upcoming week is a bit different. Players will have to visit the new locations on the map called "Hot Spots." The locations are marked with the golden font on the map and Loot Carriers can be found in the same place. On shooting the loot carriers, players can quickly get their hand on rare weapons early in the game.

The repeating "Land in different named locations" is quite easy and can be completed in just five matches. Next challenge requires players to eliminate three opponents in Haunted Hills and Dusty Divot. Lastly, players will have to visit five different named locations in a single match to unlock the reward of ten battle stars.