Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” has been announced by franchise publisher Activision for release sometime this year. This is the fourth installment of the contemporary-set “Modern Warfare” line of “Call of Duty” games, which now somewhat overshadows the original series set in World War II.

As with most of the major games in the franchise, this new “Modern Warfare” title is being produced by the primary “Call of Duty” game developer, Infinity Ward. It is their ninth foray in the overall series for publisher Activision. With 2019 nearly halfway through, the first trailer was released and the release date revealed.

'Modern Warfare' redefined for today

Activision and Infinity Ward’s initial trailer for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” sets the tone for what they have revealed to be a reboot of the modern-set games, which began with “Call of Duty 4,” subtitled “Modern Warfare,” back in 2007. Rather than the epic nation-versus-nation and army-versus-army format of the previous three “MW” installments and their various ports and add-ons, the atmosphere of the upcoming game is more in line with what Infinity Ward narrative director Taylor Kurosaki, describes as a new modern. This time, the scale of the title’s conflicts is low-intensity anti-insurgency operations more familiar to gamers who watch the current news.

As seen in the trailer, the latest “Modern Warfare” game evokes the more covert and special-operations nature of conflict that has become the standard for fighting wars against enemies like ISIS that did not wear standardized uniforms like the Russian ultranationalists from the original games of the line.

The sneak peek also welcomes back a well-loved character of the franchise, Captain Price of the British SAS.

However as the game is a reboot, he will not have experienced the events of the previous “Call of Duty” games. Infinity Ward says Price will be subjected to a sort of war where ally and enemy are not obvious, and combat decisions are not black and white, but all gray.

'Call of Duty' game history

Activision released the very first “Call of Duty,” set in WWII, back in 2003.

Their fourth installment, as stated, moved the setting of the series to a speculative modern time period, from which branched the “Modern Warfare” sub-franchise. Other games also brought the FPS action to the Cold War and even the distant future, as well as expanding the game platform from PC and consoles to portables and mobile devices.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” from Infinity Ward and Activision will release on October 25 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. The game will allow cross-play from all these platforms when it comes to competitive multiplayer matches. There will also be no Season Pass for this installment, according to CBS News.