Studio Wildcard has announced that they’re bound to roll out another round of server wipe in “ARK: Survival Evolved” as it slated for next month. The developer also addressed several concerns from players as these include Gasbags in PvE, Broken drops on Primitive Plus, and metrics on console.

Another one

According to the latest Community Crunch blog post, servers with a low population (with 0-4 concurrent population) will be taken offline on Tuesday, June 11 as Wildcard stated that they’ve based it on the server’s sustained player count and the game mode’s popularity.

The developer further explained that servers that were not deemed as such will remain within the game’s Legacy network. Wildcard pointed out, though, that Survivors on these servers cannot transfer their stuff towards new servers since it’s on a separate cluster. At the time of writing, the full roster of servers slated for deletion is yet to be released.

As for the server saves of these soon to be deleted servers, Wildcard assured players that save files will be made available the soonest possible time. They’ll be hosting the PC files while Nitrado will be providing the saves that can be used on their servers for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As mentioned, Wildcard also responded to some issues that were brought to light by their player base.

Lead Community Manager Ced addressed these over on Twitter as these were also posted on this week’s Social Roundup.

Sooner rather than later

Ced revealed that a fix for the ongoing Gasbag issue in PvE is on its way adding that it will be rolled out sooner than later.

This after someone tweeted out her frustration with the bug as this has caused other players to lose their stuff in ORP (offline raid protection) bases. Ced pointed out, though that they don’t have a definite date yet as to when this fix will go live.

On metrics, Prim+ kibble/drops, and classic servers

Another player also took to Twitter to reveal that a lot of FOBs (forward operating base) in the game have meshed since the last patch was released.

The community manager clarified that the recent update was not intended to combat meshing, but he assured the OP that “the ban hammer is coming.” For the uninitiated, “ARK” received a minor update (v296.104) that implemented a fix for the Enforcer exploit and tweaks within the game metrics.

Ced also tweeted that they are aware of the issue in both of Prim Plus’ drops and kibble. He admitted, however, that the drops are more difficult to solve.

He also stated n his other tweet that Wildcard has no plans as of late to introduce "ARK's" classic servers to consoles. When asked as to what's the reason behind it, he just replied that "there's not a simple answer to that."