It's currently the fifth week of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" season 8 and the latest update that happened this week added the most requested ranked based matchmaking mode called "Arena Mode" and a new "The Floor is Lava" LTM.

The update also reverted the health/shield siphon feature from the game and the players aren't really happy about it. As usual, "Fortnite" leakers data mined the new game files in the update and found new cosmetic items, a new weapon, and the challenges for week 6.

The new 'Fortnite' Boom Bow

The latest leaks suggest that a new explosive bow weapon called "Boom Bow" will coming to "Fortnite" soon.

The weapon has already been teased and can be seen held by Ember in the season 8 main loading screen. Prominent "Fortnite" leaker Lucas7Yoshi was able to get his hands on the model for the weapon and its firing animation. Here's the clip:

Players have already seen many variations of Crossbows in the game, but this new bow doesn't seem like it is going to be similar to the previous bows. Considering the design of the arrow, it seems like the weapon is going to pack a punch and will deal with explosive damage. Unfortunately, the stats for the weapons and its rarity has not been revealed yet, although the leaked list of week 6 challenges confirm that the weapon will be released in the game in the next week.

Week 6 Challenges

There are seven challenges in the next week as well. The first three can be completed by all players while the rest of the four challenges will be exclusive to Battle Pass owners only. Below is the list of all week 6 challenges:

Most of the above challenges look pretty normal except the sixth challenges which tasks player with eliminating opponents with the latest Flint-Knock Pistol or a "Boom Bow." The challenge not only teases the addition of the new weapon to the game but also confirms that the weapon will be releasing soon.

The first challenge is easy considering that players only have to visit giant structures that are scattered all across the map. Players can visit the highest elevations at the time of landing. Two of the most prominent highest elevations are Polar Peak and the Volcano. One of the challenges tasks players with searching a specific spot on the treasure map loading screen, but this time the area is pointed by the knife. Other challenges are self-explanatory.

The challenges are expected to go live on Thursday, April 4 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET and the new weapon might be released on the same day.