The “Destiny 2” community is pretty familiar about the leaker who goes by the moniker AnonTheNine and how most of his leaks about the game and its upcoming contents are spot on. However, he just went away one day and those who are following his posts are left wondering what happened to him. A Reddit post is lately gaining popularity where the OP claims that he knows why Anon went dark alongside some unconfirmed information regarding Penumbra.

According to Reddit user u/ShadowOfAnonTheNine, the details on his post is a “culmination of info given by AnonTheNine in the many discords the leaker’s been a part of prior to him going dark.” He also pointed out that the leaks in the imageboard website of 4chan only have a few things correct, but a lot of it is incorrect.

Details about Penumbra

The OP claims that Penumbra will take place in the Leviathan and Guardians will discover Emperor Calus’ source of power. He also stated that “D2’s” sixth expansion is said to provide a glimpse of the Darkness that according to the leaker will be introduced in “D3.”


As for the weapons, the leaker revealed that both the Hawkmoon and the Rose will be included in Penumbra alongside the Dark-Drinker Exotic. For the uninitiated, the melee weapon was one of the best swords back in “D1.” It has a special attack – Supermassive Vortex that unleashes a swirl of Void energy that deals huge amounts of damage.

ShadowOfTheNine also revealed that Penumbra’s pinnacle activity has a codename, Dragonslayer, just like Joker’s Wild’s Mamba which is the codename for Gambit Prime.

He further explained that the game mode will have “wave-based combat similar to Prison of Elders” with some puzzle-solving in it.

Going dark

As mentioned, he also provided an explanation as to why AnonTheNine disappeared.

Per Shadow, Bungie confronted the leaker and they politely asked Anon to “hold off on the leaks and lay low” to which the leaker “happily obliged.” That said, he pointed out at the beginning of his post that he used a “throwaway account” and a VPN to make sure that he does not get anything sent to him like what happened to both u/Ginsor and Anon.

Members of r/DestinyTheGame, on the other hand, are asking Shadow as to when his next post will happen. He responded, saying that it will be posted next Friday and it will contain information about “Destiny 3.” As always, just like any other leaks, this intel is to be taken with pinches of salt.