"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games has found an interesting way to introduce players to the storyline of the game. Ever since Season 3's ending, there have been a lot of big events players were able to witness live in the game. It all started with the meteors falling out of the sky, which resulted in the destruction of Dusty Depot and numerous craters on the island, and it appears that the video game creator will keep making more in-game events.

While the Rocket Launch event was arguably the greatest "Fortnite Battle Royale" event so far, Epic Games has created many other interesting live events.

Most recently, the Ice King Storm event caused a big map change in Season 7, and according to data miners, another event will change the map in Season 8. This time, the volcano will play a big role and will be the reason for map changes.

The volcano eruption event

The addition of the volcano and lava was one of the major changes that happened at the start of the eighth season of the popular video game. The volcano is located at the top of Sunny Steps, which is a new area in the current season, and the lava can be found in the southern part of it. The northeastern part of the island has received some huge changes in Season 8, but the upcoming event suggests that the game developer is not done yet and will make more map changes in the season.

Data miner HYPEX has found several game files which indicate the volcano eruption, including sounds for the event. It turns out that these files are in one way related to the "Floor is Lava" limited-time game mode, but they will also be used for the upcoming event which should happen in regular modes.

Considering that the volcano and lava are located just north of Dusty Divot, many players believe that that this area will be eventually filled with lava.

After all, Dusty Divot hasn't received any big changes in the recent months, which is another reason why it could easily be affected by the event. In addition to this, data miners have found some interesting files which show new objects in this area.

The event timing

Season 8 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has just entered its fifth week, which means it is too early for the big event to happen.

However, we can expect Epic Games to release this event during the eighth or the ninth week of the season. This event could also be used to introduce players to Season 9 of "Fortnite," which is scheduled to begin in May.