Respawn Entertainment has recently released Season 1 for "Apex Legends," adding the first Battle Pass to the game and making a few gameplay changes. Unlike its main competitor, "Fortnite Battle Royale," "Apex Legends" has received no map changes in the new season. However, this makes sense considering that players are still learning the map.

Kings Canyon still hasn't been fully explored by many players, and YouTuber mfewke has recently made a compilation of some spots and shortcuts that can be game changers. The creator has revealed 11 such places on the map, and while Pathfinder can easily access these places, the guide is primarily intended for other legends in the game.

Secret shortcuts and spots

Here are all the locations that the YouTuber has revealed in his video:

  • Skull Town: Bones of the giant skeleton in this area allow players to gain a huge ground advantage. Beside this, players can use bones and ground advantage to protect themselves from enemies.
  • Wetlands: Players can use one of the smaller structures on the side of the cliff to climb to the upper level, which can be useful for flanking.
  • Near Market: The northwestern side of the Market has rocks that can be used to climb and get above the respawn area.
  • The Pit: By climbing inner walls of the Pit, players can get to an elevated platform behind metal bars. This is a great place for surprising an enemy team or for simply hiding.
  • Near Cascades: Similar to Wetlands, players can use an alternative route with a cliff to get to this area.
  • Two Spines: Using the Jump Tower near this area allows players to land on the giant skeleton and get a great tactical position.
  • Water Treatment: Getting to the top of the main buildings can be done in two ways: By opening doors outward and using them go get to the top, or by using the Jump Tower and gliding on the roof.
  • Airbase: Players can climb the fence to get to the middle platform in the Airbase that overlooks the entire area.
  • Airbase: The surrounding rocks can be used to get to the top of the buildings.
  • Central Canyon: The central canyon is usually a high-traffic area as there are three different ways that lead to it. In addition, there are supply bins and the respawn point in the center of it, but players can climb to the nearby cliff to hide from their enemies.

The video

To get a better understanding of these spots and shortcuts, watch the YouTuber's video below. It is only three minutes long, yet it can help you score some easy eliminations!