Respawn Entertainment has recently released Season 1 of "Apex Legends." The video game, which has shattered numerous records in its first month, was supposed to become much more popular with this release. Unfortunately, this has not happened and "Apex Legends" is constantly losing its viewers on streaming platforms, as well as the interest among its playerbase.

On the bright side, it appears that the video game creator has already prepared many new things which will be released soon. A lot of these things have been revealed or leaked, which is why we now know what will be added to the game.

Respawn Entertainment and EA are surely hoping that new updates will make "Apex Legends" regain its players and viewers, and considering that many big things are coming, this could easily happen.

New hero and a Legendary weapon

A few weeks ago, data miners found the list of every upcoming "Apex Legends" hero/character. The list included over 10 new legends and one of them was Wattson. Respawn Entertainment has released Octane with Season 1 and Wattson (Natalie Poquette) is supposed to be the second legend of the season. This legend appeared in the deep dive trailer for the game, as well as in the original newspaper.

At the moment, there aren't many details on the abilities this legend is going to have.

However, it seems that there will be two unique weapons for this legend, and she will be using Tesla traps. These traps work as electric walls and will most likely deal damage to enemies who trigger them.

Besides the new legend, a Legendary weapon will be added to "Apex Legends." This will be the L-STAR, the weapon that appeared in the Wild Frontier trailer.

It has been leaked that this will be an energy weapon and will use legendary ammo. According to leaks, the L-STAR will be another light-machine gun, joining Spitfire and Devotion. Havoc is another energy weapon that was added to the game after its release, so there is a chance that the L-STAR will have reactive effects unlocked at some point.

Decreasing popularity

The first day of Season 1 was very successful for Respawn Entertainment, but the game failed to keep its popularity after that. Once number one on Twitch, "Apex Legends" has fallen to the seventh place in the last seven days, while its main rival, "Fortnite Battle Royale," keeps going strong and consistently ranks in the top three. Does Respawn have what it takes to keep its playerbase and viewership?