"Fortnite Battle Royale" has received another weekly update on the morning of Wednesday, March 27. This update has brought a lot of gameplay changes to the popular video game, and it has also added a new competitive mode where players are able to use to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. Epic Games has added a lot of new content with the patch, including new cosmetic items that will soon be released to the Item Shop.

The video game developer has also made some drastic gameplay changes with the v8.20 update, and players are not happy with them. However, one of the changes was well received by the community as the gaming creator made a big change to the Infantry Rifle.

This weapon hasn't been used by many players before the latest update, but it is expected that more players will use it now.

Gameplay changes

Epic Games has implemented the siphon mechanic and the lower material cap in the core modes with the v7.40 update. Before the update, these modifiers had been used only in the Pop-Up Cups, but the developer implemented them in the regular playlists as well. The material cap has been reduced to 500, from 999, and players would get 50 health or shield after eliminating an enemy. This made the game much different and many players were more aggressive, but Epic Games has decided to revert these changes.

Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players are not happy with this, especially streamers.

On the other side, the "Fortnite" developer has kept these modifiers in the new Arena game mode. This is a competitive mode that will have different modifiers, while regular modes will have the 999 material cap and no siphon. In addition to this, the 40-percent harvesting increase rate has been reverted as well.

Infantry Rifle change

Infantry Rifle was introduced to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the v7.40 patch; just before Season 8 started. The weapon had originally been released with three different variants. The best one is Rare. However, a lot of players haven't been using the rifle because of its mechanics. Its damage has always been high, but the fact that it was not a hitscan weapon made it very unpopular.

The latest "Fortnite" update converted the Infantry Rifle to a hitscan weapon, but its damage was reduced from 45 and 42 to 42 and 40 respectively. In addition to this, the rifle now uses the same damage drop-off profiles as other assault rifles, which should make it much more popular.