There are only a couple of days left until the first week of Season 8 of "Fortnite" ends and, as usual, the list of challenges for the upcoming week has already been leaked. "Fortnite" data miners are a hyper-engaged part of the community that quickly dig through the game files that are added to the game with each new update.

Data miners bring us 'Fortnite' leaks

Data miners' ways of extracting the official in-game data from the game files also show how flawed Epic Games' way of storing files with updates is, but at this point, it seems like Epic Games wants the data to be revealed before its official announcement.

Season 8 added a lot of new items, environments, and structures to "Fortnite" and it is expected the challenges for the upcoming week will be related to them in some way. The challenges for next week first appeared on Reddit and they are a lot harder than those in season 7.

Season 8 Week 2 Challenges

Below is the list of all Free and Battle Pass challenges from the next week of "Fornite." They have not been confirmed by any official source, so they can change at the time of their official release.

  • Deal damage to descending Supply Drops
  • Deal damage to opponents with Pirate Cannon
  • Eliminations at Salty Springs or Haunted Hills
  • Search a chest in different Named Locations in a single match
  • Gain Health from Apples and Medikits
  • Land at: The Block, Dusty Divot, Polar Peak, Snobby Shores, Paradise Palms
  • Visit the furthest North, South, East, and West points of the island

Dealing damage to Supply Drops is not hard but considering their low spawn rate and the number of people looking for it in the next week could make it hard to quickly complete this challenge.

Though a new feature added in Season 8 lets players see exactly where the Supply Drop is going to drop on the map, it will still be hard to compete with other players.

Dealing damage with Pirate Cannon is definitely going to take a lot of time. First of all, the Pirate Cannons are slow and take time to be loaded and it's hard to hit moving players with it.

Secondly, while targeting players with the cannon, one can easily be eliminated unless players build a structure around them for protection.

Apples can be found scattered all over the place at Lonely Lodge, same goes for Medikits as they are easily obtained from chests. Although you'll have to lose some health beforehand. The rest of the challenges are self-explanatory and can easily be completed. That's it for the challenges of next week, but there's a chance that these challenges might change once they are officially released.