Destiny 2’s” 2.2.0 update has finally arrived bringing in a heap of changes and fixes in the game. Bungie also took note of some issues in the game involving Ada’s machine guns, RNG feedback in regards to titles, and some clarifications on Invitations of the Nine bounties.

On machine gun frames

Concerns about Ada-1 not selling machine gun frames was brought up over on Reddit to which Dmg commented that a bug has already been filed regarding it. He further explained that there are already options to address it, though they’ll need to prioritize it against existing work, with the understanding that there could be some issues that might arise with the new content that just got released.

Emergent issues on Gambit

With that in mind, Cozmo addressed the issue where the new Gambit Prime does not count towards the 40 Gambit completions that are required for the Breakneck Pinnacle Auto Rifle. The community manager also revealed that the Malfeasance quest is also impacted by the bug adding that they are now looking into it. Other emergent issues include:

  • Blockers in Gambit are not spawning on both Cathedral of Scars and Kell’s Grave (maps are now disabled until the issue is resolved).
  • Post-game carnage report does not pop up all relevant info after players have completed the Daily Heroic Missions.
  • Clan Up Triumph getting unlocked for players outside of Gambit Private Matches.
  • Gambit medals earned in Gambit Prime are not appearing in the UI.

Going back to Dmg, he also addressed a player’s feedback about RNG in regards to titles.

This after u/MrBonVoyage (who’s a Cursebreaker) expressed his ire when other players deem him as a “lucky one” instead of being a dedicated player. Per Dmg, they will be focusing more on “deterministic ways” to obtain seals in the game (less luck, more accomplishment).

As for the Invitations of the Nine bounties, Dmg stated that it will function differently than the weekly Queen ritual.

He pointed out that these are not calendar gated and will be character based. That said, if players miss a week, they won’t be missing any of that unique lore. Additionally, they will be picking up from where they left off after the following reset and could continue the nine-week cycle.

Thorn Exotic Quest

Meanwhile, the steps in acquiring one of the Weapons of Sorrow – the Exotic hand cannon Thorn – has been posted over on

Its Exotic Quest – Independent Study – will require players to look for a broken version of the weapon as its first step. The quest will be rolled out on March 12.