"Fortnite's" quirky approach to its cosmetic items is one of the many things that sets it apart from the other games in the latest Battle Royale genre. From colorful and jolly skins to monstrous and demonic outfits, all sorts of cosmetic items are available in the enormous assortment of outfits.

In "Fortnite" season 7, Epic Games introduced new cosmetic items called wraps in its Battle Pass. Later on, new wraps made their way into the item shop which could be purchased with the in-game V-Bucks currency. The wraps can be used on weapons as well as vehicles.

Animated weapon wraps in 'Fortnite'

Since the introduction of the wraps, players have suggested that it would be a great idea for Epic Games to add dynamic/animated wraps to the game as well. Considering that "Fortnite" players have already seen animated skins in the form of "reactive" outfits, it is not going to be a big challenge for Epic Games to introduce the concept of animated wraps to the game. Animated rainbow wrap concept can be seen below:

Developers at the Epic Games are quite active on Reddit and take suggestions from the community from time to time. We've already seen tons of fan requests getting added to the game and the animated wraps might be the next one in line. A new "Animated wraps" section in the wrap category of the locker has revealed that the players will see animated weapon skins in the game soon.

Currently, there are no animated wraps available in the game, so the tab shows "You have no Animated Wraps."

Now that a separate category for the new wraps has been created in the game, we'll see the first animated wrap soon.

It's still unknown what the first animated wrap would look like or if it would be free or not, but it's rumored that the first weapon wrap will be a lava skin.

Data miners have not found any animated skins in the latest patch, so a content update or a proper patch should be expected before the wraps are available. Although there were no animated wraps in the latest patch, "Fortnite" leakers have found that the IKONIK skin is coming to the game soon.

The latest K-Pop inspired IKONIK skin is part of Samsung promotion and can be unlocked when players purchase the Galaxy S10+.

For now, complete the first week challenges of season 8 that include finding giant faces, using the volcano vents, and visiting all the seven pirate camps that have been scattered all across the new map. Here's the cheat sheet for the latest challenges: