"Fortnite's" latest update, that was released on March 6 introduced a new item called "Buried Treasure" Map to the game, but it seems like the patch is already causing issues in the game. Even though it's the eighth season of "Fortnite," the game is still in its Early Access stage due to all of the bugs that make it unplayable.

The latest bug introduced in patch v8.01 causes players to get instantly eliminated if they walk on some specific spots in certain locations. Currently, there are two locations on the map that are causing instant elimination.

Fortnite instant elimination locations

In season 8, Epic Games added a new "Fork Knife" landmark after a massive number of players used it as a joke on the internet due to "Fortnite's" popularity, but the new location isn't just a joke anymore because it is causing instant eliminations whenever a player steps on a specific tile of the Knife.

The Fork and Knife are carved into the ground and you can find the location at the north-western side of Fatal Fields. Ironically, the sharp edge of the Knife is causing the issue because the tile is located at the lower edge of the Knife. Check out the video below to see which tile to avoid in case you find yourself wandering near that location.

Epic Games quickly responded through "Fortnite's" official Twitter account and warned players to stay away from the place by saying "Beware the Fork Knife!" Furthermore, they said, "We’re aware of an issue with players being eliminated when walking around the Fork Knife near Fatal Fields" and that they will be releasing a fix for the issue soon.

After Epic Games promised a fix for the instant elimination bug near Fork Knife, several players have reported that another location on the map is also causing a similar bug.

The second bug was first reported by a user called SlevinVega on the official "Fortnite" subreddit. The player said that the bug was first encountered during Tournament mode and then they went back in Playground mode to verify it.

The second tile is located on a small divot close to a grass patch found near the left side of "The Block" signboard.

The player also mentioned that the bug only occurs when a player is crouching. Epic Games will hopefully launch a fix for it soon because it is costing victory royale to players that are unaware of this bug. Some players are also exploiting this bug by luring other players to this place and making them step on the bugged tile by placing Legendary loot on it.