"Generation Zero" developer Avalanche Studios and publisher THQ Nordic have been slowly rolling features for the upcoming release since the beginning of March. On Wednesday, the two companies showed off one of the more impressive features of the title and one that it appears "Generation Zero" will hang its hat on.

Every time you jump into a game, you are going to see a day/night cycle that will allow for unpredictability. Adding to that feature is the fact that the game is going to have some truly whacky weather and it can apparently come out of nowhere.

New day, new you

Showing off exactly what that looks like on the game's official Twitter account, the developers are making it clear that the combination of these two features will make it so that you will never see the same day twice, no matter how long you play the open world shooter.

It's a safe bet the cycling into the dark and the fact that you will be able to see a rain or snow storm pop up at the worst opportune times is going to make it that much harder to survive in the world of "Generation Zero." That world is already going to be plenty hard to survive.

'Generation Zero' offers a unique take on a familiar story

Launching on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and PC later this month, the game is set in a1980's Swedish town that has suddenly become very close to completely abandoned. While people are almost all gone, that doesn't mean the countryside is peaceful.

Marching across the landscape are mysterious, murderous robots.

The point of the game will be to both make sure you can survive against these machines and to find out just what happened to your town and where the machines have come from.

There will be a number of characters players will be able to choose from and Avalanche has said they will be customizable to a point. Earlier this month, the company unveiled one of those playable characters, known simply as the "Hip-Hopper."

Early pictures show exactly what you might think someone from 1980's Sweden who enjoys hip hop music of that generation would look like if you were going for one heck of a stereotype.

It's a safe bet the development team will be unveiling other characters and what they will look like as we move closer to launch.

The game has been rather under the radar so far this early part of 2019 thanks to launches or upcoming launches of games like "Apex Legends", "Anthem", "Metro: Exodus" and "The Division 2."

"Generation Zero" is launching on the Sony PS4, the Microsoft Xbox One and PC on March 26.