The Thorn Exotic Quest has been rolled out and “Destiny 2” players are on grind lately in getting this infamous hand cannon. It was also tackled in the new TWAB post alongside some changes that are “currently in-flight" to Gambit, Gambit Prime and the Reckoning. In line with this, Dmg made a revision in the latest blog post involving Gambit Matchmaking.

A TWAB revision

Per the rewritten portion of the TWAB, to offset the communication advantage given by a pre-made fireteam in Gambit, Dmg announced that they’ve upped the internal skill rating of pre-made fireteams to pull in more skilled enemies to fight against.

He further explained that players who are running on solos can still have a chance with the help of this tweak.

Dmg also stated that the change currently applies to Iron Banner. This came after someone from r/DestinyTheGame asked if it will be implemented on other PvP modes. He added that the “challenge is the Comp Crucible matches based on Glory,” adding that they are aware of the feedback on matches within the game’s playlist.

WOTW nerf and the White Nail issue

Over on Bungie’s forum page, Dmg also took notice of a post suggesting that the Whisper of the Worm nerf was “beyond excessive.” The OP even pointed out that the weapon’s intrinsic perk – White Nail – is not proccing correctly. In his response, Dmg stated that the change was made to require players to land those crit shots, which essentially give them infinite ammo.

As for the perk, he stated that it’s an issue that needs to be checked on if it’s not properly working.

The current grind

He also responded to another post about the current grind in the game being “too lengthy, while the resources are not that abundant enough.” According to Dmg, the grind right now in “D2” is the result of community feedback as they are requesting the developers to have some long-term goals in the game that can be attained via gameplay, investment and economy systems.

He also made it clear that his response is not to tell their player base to stop complaining as they’ve already given what their players wanted. Instead, it was made to point out that they’ve gone to where they are now to address their players’ feedback.

Season 7 summit

Meanwhile, Bungie is inviting “D2” content creators for their upcoming Season of Opulence Community Summit.

Known streamer Gladd is just one of them as he announced it over on Twitter. That said, Dmg over on Bungie’s forum page, stated that the players that were invited for the summit are representing their “respective corners of the internet” as they’ll be covering topics from their communities to discuss. This was also pointed out by Deej in a series of tweets as they were called out for only inviting streamers and content creators. The summit will be from March 27 ‘til the 29th.