Destiny 2’s” 2.2.0 update is finally at hand as it will introduce a substantial amount of changes in the online-only shooter. Bungie also provided additional details of this upcoming game tweak over on their social media platforms alongside some patch note previews of the fixes that they’ve devised to some of the game’s ongoing issues. They also addressed a couple of players’ concerns involving matching teammate’s class while running strikes, and mass deletion of shaders.

Dmg on matching a teammate’s class while doing Strikes

Community Manager Dmg took to the game’s subreddit to point out that matching a teammate’s class while running strikes “will still be the case” in season 6, though he assured players that the feedback regarding this has been passed along among the team.

This after Reddit user u/sosly2190 stated on his post that he’ll be siding with the Drifter over the Vanguard on all three of his characters come Tuesday if he still has to match their teammates class while running strikes.

Dmg further explained that such a post is valid feedback after someone on the comments stated that it’s a non-issue and people are just complaining. He added that it can be rough (especially when running solo) to see what subclass a player’s teammate is running especially if they switch things up throughout the strike.

On mass deleting shaders

Another member of the subreddit was wondering why Bungie hasn’t devised a feature where they can “mass delete” shaders after the player accidentally wipe out 88 of his Enhancement Cores while he’s trying to pop a Finest Matterweave.

According to Dmg, dismantling shaders give players a payout in the form of Glimmer, Bright Dust, or Legendary Shards. Furthermore, if players either dismantle it in bulk or a group of Guardians in the tower did the process at the same time, potential issues in the game might pop up.

He also revealed that they’ve devised a minor quality of life fix on Tuesday where acquiring shaders will be as quick as dismantling them.

He further explained that as of late, getting a shader from collection usually takes three seconds. However, by the time Season of the Drifter drops, it will be trimmed down to just a second.

As for the player’s Enhancement Cores, Dmg assured him that a QOL bug will be filed to see if it can be changed. He stated, however, that there’s no definite time as to when the tweak will arrive if one can be made.