Guardians are on a grind once again now that Season of the Drifter has finally arrived in “Destiny 2.” With the new update already in the game, it is expected for dataminers to dig into the files in hopes to discover some stuff that are yet to be released in the coming weeks. Also, players are beginning to come across with some new bugs in the game as one of them involves the new Pinnacle weapon – Oxygen SR3.

Not counting as progress

Reddit user u/Jwilsonred took to r/DestinyTheGame to share what he experienced while attempting to acquire the new scout rifle.

Per the OP, he was farming 20 Nightfalls for the weapon when he and his teammates noticed that the orbs that they’ve generated were not counting as progress for the quest.

The same thing happened while they’re trying to complete the Will of the Thousands Nightfall and even deemed it as a “major glitch.” The player stated that the quest only tracks the instances of the message “you have generated ‘x’ orbs of light” that shows up in the bottom left of the screen. Hence, if a Guardian uses a super that generated six orbs and got another one using a weapon, the mission only counts it as two instead of seven.

Powerful rewards at a lower power

Cozmo took notice of the post and replied that the issue will be looked upon. Someone down in the comments also brought to light another bug as the OP claims that the quest step for wearing the Ancient Apocalypse armor for the win in Gambit does not trigger as completed.

More on these emergent issues, Bungie is also investigating reports about players getting powerful rewards at a lower power than expected.

Drifter voice lines (potential spoilers ahead)

A dataminer, on the other hand, have dug into the “D2” game files and discovered several voice lines of that mysterious Gambit host – the Drifter.

Reddit user u/skulldor was able get these sound files through u/ginsor’s audio tool and posted it over on both the game’s subreddit and on YouTube. He provided time stamps on the latter as he obtained a lot of these audio files. He also managed to datamine what he believes to be voice lines being spoken by The Emissary of the Nine back when she was still a Guardian.

Meanwhile, some members of the subreddit commented that they now want to get on the Drifter’s side even more after hearing the 15-minute audio. There was a part where the Drifter talks about the Collapse not being the last extinction-level event to hit humanity and claims that he has seen another one coming.