There are only two days left until Season 8 of "Fortnite" begins and Epic Games has been revealed the theme of the upcoming season with images and captions. So far, the next season seems to be taking place in a nautical setting, with pirates, because the first teaser revealed a pirate hook hand and said something about "X marks the spot." That is probably a treasure for players to find. The second teaser also had a similar caption, and warned players to be beware of "those who arrive on the waves."

Currently, there are no water bodies on the main map that could contain a large pirate ship, so the pirates are definitely going to come from outside.

But the main question here, is how are pirates going to be relevant to the theme of the game if there are no pirate ships? And where does The Prisoner/Fire King stand between all of this?

'Fortnite' Season 8 third teaser

On February 26, Epic Games revealed the third image from the upcoming season, with the following short poem caption: "Awaken beasts of fire and ash. Battle it out and loot the stash."

The latest teaser revealed the first look at the dragons of "Fortnite." The caption also confirms that they are, indeed, fire-breathing dragons. Previously, the dragon eggs were located in the basement of the Ice Castle.

They were found there at the start of Season 7, but they never hatched. Now that The Prisoner/Fire King is finally free, he might be able to wake up the dragons with some sort of magical powers.

That's all for the lore of the Battle Royale, but how do dragons fit in with the game mechanics, considering that the caption also mentions "battling out" with the beasts?

The recent AMA session with the "Fortnite" developers has confirmed that planes are going to be vaulted in the upcoming season, so maybe they are just going to be replaced with flying dragons.

Lastly, the area near Wailing Woods is turning brown. The recent earthquakes had a major effect on this area and most of the cracks appeared in the vicinity of Wailing Woods.

I think that it's finally time to say goodbye to Wailing Woods, because that place is definitely going to be replaced by either a volcano or a water body. Also, Sharky Shrubs has been leaked.

Season 8 of "Fortnite" is just around the corner. Epic Games is giving out a free Season 8 battle pass to anyone who completes the overtime challenges in this season. There are fewer than 48 hours left until the new season starts, so hurry up and finish the challenges, if you haven't already.