A lot has been detailed by Bungie about the changes that will be rolled out in “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Drifter. With the looming tweaks in the game’s shotguns and in Gambit, players have mixed opinions about it and the developer addressed them over on their social media channels. They also tackled other feedbacks and suggestions that were brought to light by the community which includes, power mattering in PvE, Baryon Boughs, and additional content similar to the Shattered Throne.

A “D2” player recently took to Bungie.net’s forum page to give his opinion about power mattering in PvE.

According to user TAPSOMB0NG, “putting in an effort to get max level in the game does not feel rewarding enough.” That said, the OP suggested that make it so that whenever Guardians are 50 levels above content, they should be dealing a fair amount of damage and take less damage than players do now.

Power in PvE

As per Cozmo, he stated that this has been the way on how things are for most every PvE activity unless it’s normalized like Gambit where everyone is on a leveled playing field. He further explained that players cap out at 50 levels above and below enemies adding they’ll inflict more damage and take less from a level 600 enemy at 650 than when they were at 600.

Players want more

Over on the game’s subreddit, he also took notice of a post from a Reddit user requesting Bungie to add more dungeons similar to the Shattered Throne.

He assured players that he’ll continue to let the dev team know that it’s a popular request among players as he went on revealing that it’s also one of his favorite pieces of content.

Down in the comments, someone asked if the “0” on the emblem for soloing Shattered Throne is a bug to which Dmg confirmed. He added that it will be fixed in the upcoming March 5 update.

Baryon Boughs

Back in the Forums, Dmg also revealed that the dev team is as of late looking at Baryon Boughs as they are finding ways for players to exchange them. This after a player began noticing that he’s been getting a lot of this item, but no real way of spending it in the game.

The OP went on suggesting to have it added in to Spider’s Exchange in exchange of other in-game materials (Legendary Shards, weapon cores).

RNG Triumph seals

Player feedback regarding Triumph seals being blocked by RNG was also addressed by Dmg adding that the Last Wish, Wayfarer, and Dreaming City seal objectives are being looked at as well. However, the community manager tweeted out that RNG Triumph seals will not be addressed in the 2.2.0 update.