Recently elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsenero, has courted some controversy for his views on homosexuality, the military, and democratic elections. Gaming fans might also find his taste in 3D platformers to be divisive, as a recently uploaded video has been revealed to use music from the critically panned 2006 title "Sonic the Hedgehog." A tweet from the official Jair M. Bolsonaro Twitter page features a version of the song "His World" from the aforementioned game. Below I share that tweet.

Aaron Webber, former head of the official Sonic Twitter confirmed that the song had indeed come from "Sonic the Hedgehog."

A controversial game

For the uninitiated, Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game franchise that revolves around the adventures of the aforementioned fast-moving and wisecracking hedgehog.

Sonic and his friends battle the evil ambitions of a mad scientist known as Dr. Eggman, who aims to capture helpless animals and use them to power his robotic minions. The series has spawned countless games, a long-running comic book series, cartoons, and an upcoming film adaption featuring Jim Carrey.

The series was created by Yuji Naka, former head of Sonic Team and currently working as a developer at Square Enix.

In 2006, Sega attempted to reboot the series to disastrous results. The game was titled "Sonic the Hedgehog," to symbolize its place as a new beginning for the series, but later titles would try to deviate or outright mock it. Often referred to as "Sonic '06," the game was criticized for its numerous glitches, incomprehensible plot, and clumsy gameplay.

A controversial president

Jair Bolsonaro has proven to be a very divisive figure. Under his predecessor's watch, 63,880 people were murdered in the country during 2017. Supporters have praised Bolsonaro's military policies as an effective means to bring law and order to the country. In spite of the massive support he has garnered from the people of Brazil, critics have accused him of attempting to bring fascism to the country.

Political commentator John Oliver criticized Bolsonaro for saying that "a policeman who doesn't kill is not a policeman." Bolsonero was also heavily scrutinized for accusing homosexuals of attempting to "turn the children into gay adults" and that the proper response to a child who identifies as gay is to "take a whip and change their behavior."

In spite of the brief moments of success that Sonic has gotten from titles such as "Colors" and "Mania," negative fan reactions to the debut poster of his feature-length film and this controversy seem to indicate that the blue guy just can't seem to catch a break. Then again, it's said that no publicity is bad publicity.