"Fortnite Battle Royale" is going to get some huge changes with Season 8. This season is scheduled to be released on Thursday, February 28, and players expect a lot out of it. Epic Games still hasn't released its theme, but thanks to the AMA on Reddit, we have gotten some interesting information regarding the upcoming season. Additionally, game developers talked about other things that could be added to the popular video game.

Some interesting changes are waiting for players in the next season, and there is a chance that some old points of interest return to the in-game island.

Epic Games developers have revealed this on Reddit, making players even more excited about future map changes. Season 8 will definitely bring another change to the in-game world, and there is a chance that we see some of the old places back in it.

Old places could come back to Fortnite

Epic Games has made some big changes to the in-game island in the past few months. The map received a huge update back in January 2018 as Tilted Towers, and other big POIs were added to the game. Since then, the game developer has released a lot of smaller changes to the in-game world, and the map looks so much different now than it looked when the game was just released.

A lot of original places, such as Dusty Depot, Anarchy Acres, and Moisty Mire have been removed from the map and replaced by other places.

The video game creator will probably remove another original place in Season 8, as there are now only six original places left on the island. However, there is a chance that some of the old places return to the game, according to Epic Games.

During the Reddit AMA, one of the players asked developers if old places, such as Risky Reels, could be brought back to the game.

RZElive, who is one of the three developers that were answering questions, said that nothing like that is off the table. Both named and unnamed places could be brought to the game, according to the developer, and it will be interesting to see if this happens in the upcoming season.

The Block

Epic Games has replaced Risky Reels with The Block in Season 7.

This is a special place on the map that keeps changing as the game developer decided to feature player-made creations in this area. It will be interesting to see what happens with The Block in the next season. There is a good chance that the developer will keep it in the game, but it could also be used to feature some of the old places that have been removed from the game.