Mounted Turret has been added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the v6.30 patch. This item has gone through numerous changes since its release as its original state was very unbalanced. Right now, turrets still deal massive damage to players and structures, but they overheat faster, and it is much easier to eliminate a player who is controlling a turret. It appears that Epic Games is not done making adjustments to Mounted Turrets, as the next patch will bring another change.

The upcoming change won't affect damage or fire rate stats for the item.

Instead, it will make it easier for "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to tell whether their shots are hitting a turret or a player who is controlling it. Considering that this is already enabled for vehicles, such as aeroplanes and quadcrushers, it is not surprising that Epic decided to do it for turrets as well.

Upcoming Mounted Turret change

Right now, whenever players hit a turret, they get a white damage marker, which should mean that they hit a player who is controlling the turret. However, this is not the case as players get a white damage marker for hitting either a player or a turret. In comparison, hitting an airplane gives players an orange hit marker, while hitting a player on an airplane gives them either a white or a blue marker, depending if an enemy has a shield or not.

The issue has gained a lot of attention on Reddit where user SmackJevans suggested that Epic Games implements different hit markers for turrets as well. After getting over 3,000 upvotes and nearly 100 comments, one of the game developers has noticed the post and announced that the suggested change would be added in the v7.20 patch.

"Great idea - looks like we can bang this out quickly and have it out next week with 7.20. Thanks for the input!" is what EpicDustyDevo commented on the popular thread. This is a welcome change, and it is going to be a significant improvement.

The next update

The v7.20 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" will most likely be released on Tuesday, January 15.

At the moment, we don't know many details about it, expect the turret change. However, we will probably get more information during the weekend.

Epic Games may finally release the Driftboard to the popular video game. Beside it, we can expect more map changes and Polar Peak may once again become an extremely popular landing spot. The dragon eggs mystery will soon be solved, and it may happen in the next patch!