After days of trying to figure out how to crack the code, “Destiny 2” Twitch streamer Gladd alongside fellow players Crushty and Gsxrclyde have finally unlocked the seventh puzzle of Niobe Labs. This after Bungie made some clarifications about the puzzle stating that something was missing.

Community Manager Cozmo recently took to Bungie’s Forum page to point out something regarding Niobe Labs’ seventh puzzle. According to him, there was a string on that level that got “improperly removed” that could have provided vital information in solving it.

The missing piece was then revealed and was also posted over on Twitter:

“With weapons imbued

Through sights unseen

Craft truth from the Hand

Return the dials to the crest

Stay true to the map

To prove thy knowledge of the family tree”

As soon as this was cleared up by Bungie, the above-mentioned team tried to solve the puzzle and was able to crack it. Gladd thanked the entire “D2” community afterwards for taking part in deciphering the puzzle and even gave a special shout out to the Raid Secrets subreddit. The team was rewarded with the Hubris of Niobe emblem and the Armory Forged Shell.

The steps

For players who would like to try unlocking the puzzle, the solution includes:

  • One member of the team must stand on the “Hand” and shoot blindly using a Solar weapon this sequence of characters: “+ULFBERH+T
  • The second player must be equipped with an Arc weapon, stand on the “Butterfly,” and shoot “Trees” then “Missive.” The player will also be standing on “Morning” and shoot the symbols “Heart,” “Heart,” “Trees,” and then “Wings.”
  • As for the third player, he’ll be standing on “Tiger” and shoot “Fish,” “Lotus,” and then “Temple.” He’ll then be standing on “Dragon” and shoot “Arch,” “Rabbit,” “Bamboo,” and “Temple.” This step has to be done using a Void weapon.

A couple of issues

Prior to this, Gladd also pointed out a minor issue involving the Void symbol in the puzzle.

He stated in his tweet that both the sword and symbol are “flipped once on either axis on the level seven monitor.” He further explained that they just want to know if it was intentional as he went on stating that they don’t want to bang their heads for no reason. Dmg responded to the tweet confirming that it was indeed flipped adding that he’ll be filing a bug report for it.

YouTuber Cheese Forever also discovered an issue with the new sniper rifle – Izanagi’s Burden while the Well of Radiance is in effect. He even said the players will be looking closer to the light than the Speaker did since they’ll hardly see anything.