A huge development about “Destiny 2” has just been dropped as its game developer – Bungie announced that they’re cutting ties with Activision. They also assured their player base that the previously released roadmap of upcoming updates is still on track which includes The Draw Exotic Quest that is slated to be released later this month. With that in mind, a “D2” data miner has recently rolled out details about the Exotic handcannon including the quest steps on how to get it.

Data miner u/Ginsor recently took to r/DestinyTheGame to reveal The Last Word’s stats, perks, ornament, and its lore.

As mentioned, the steps on how to earn it was also posted.

The Perks

If Ginsor’s leaks are anything to go by, the perks in the upcoming Exotic is pretty much similar to its “D1” version. Fan Fire will still be the weapon’s main perk allowing it to reload quicker and have an increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage. The rest of the perks include:

  • Accurized Rounds
  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • Hip-fire Grip
  • Textured Grip

The weapon’s Laconic ornament, on the other hand, gives the handcannon a silvery look to it.

How to get it

The Draw Exotic Quest has 10 steps and it involves the Hive (as shown in the infographic).

Step seven of the quest also involves both PvE and PvP as Guardians are required to:

  • Collect Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees
  • Earn multiple Blood for blood and Best served cold medals in the Crucible
  • Collecting larvae from defeated Hive via precision damage
  • Sacrifice Hive bosses that were summoned in witches’ ritual

Meanwhile, as above-mentioned, Deej tweeted that albeit the big announcement, he stated that their plans for “Destiny 2” are unchanged adding that the previously teased game updates are still on their calendar.

Also, Bungie’s recent move was well received by the gaming community as it was evident on both of the game’s subreddit and Twitter page.

One interesting tweet, though, came from Xbox Head Phil Spencer as he stated that he’s looking forward to working with one of his favorite independent studios on one of his favorite franchises.

This made other players speculate that Bungie might opt in making exclusive “Destiny 2” content for Microsoft’s home console. YouTuber MoreConsole also asked in his recent upload if the game’s microtransactions will be removed now that the developer is no longer with Activision.

Blizzard also took to Twitter to assure the “D2” community that the game will still be getting support from BattleNet. They went on stating that they are not expecting any disruption to either of their services or the player’s gameplay experience.