Epic Games will release some huge changes for "Fortnite Battle Royale" in the next update. The video game developers had been on a winter break, which is why the last few updates haven't been large. However, this is going to change soon, as the next update for the video game will be huge. This is going to be the third v7.10 content update, and it will be released on Tuesday, January 8.

"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are going to get one new weapon, one weapon will be brought back from the Vault, and there will be numerous balance changes as well.

It appears that Epic Games has addressed some problems the community has pointed out to, as both airplanes and the Boom Box are going to be changed with the upcoming update. The update should make the popular game much more balanced, and Donald Mustard, Epic Games' creative director, has called it "good stuff." Players are also hearing dragon noises.

New weapon and Dual Pistols

The video game developer is going to add a Suppressed Sniper Rifle to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the next content update. This is going to be another bolt-action rifle, but its complete stats are currently unknown. According to data miners, the new weapon is going to deal 100 damage, but Epic Games hasn't confirmed anything yet.

Considering that sniper rifles have a 2.5x headshot multiplier, this will most likely be another sniper rifle capable of taking enemies down with one shot.

Eric Williamson, the lead developer, has revealed that Dual Pistols would be back from the Vault in the next update as well. Dual Pistols were first introduced with the v4.5 patch, and they had gone through a few balance changes.

Before they were vaulted, these pistols could be found in Rare and Epic rarities, as they were dealing 41 and 43 damage per shot, respectively.

Epic Games decided to vault this weapon with the patch v6.21, but it is coming back with the v7.10 content update. Right now, it is unknown what Dual Pistols are going to be like. However, there is a good chance that the game developer changed this weapon to make it more effective.

It was vaulted because it hadn't been used much by players, so we can expect it to be buffed.

More big changes

Williamson has announced that the Boom Box would be tweaked, and so will the airplanes. Additionally, the development team has changed Dynamites, and these changes will go live with the update. The update will be released on Tuesday, January 8, at 5 AM ET, and it most likely won't require a client update.