"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have recently discovered some interesting things at Polar Peak. This area has received some huge changes five weeks into season 7, and it seems it will keep receiving updates during the season. Polar Peak is best known for the v7.01 patch as this was the place where the Infinity Blade spawned. Even though the blade has been removed from the game for a few weeks now, the area will still play a big role in the season 7 storyline.

The v7.01 patch has melted the snow at Polar Peak, revealing new structures players were able to access.

Epic Games has also added many new files to the game data with this update, which allowed data miners to see what will eventually be added to the game. Data miners have found dragon eggs in this area, and later on, some "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have seen them in the game. Now, players are starting to hear dragon sounds randomly, and Ninja, the popular streamer, may know what's going on.

Dragon noises in Fortnite

Some "Fortnite" players have reported random dragon noises during their gameplay. At the moment, it appears that these noises come out of nowhere, but they are probably Epic Games' way of hinting at what is going to be added to the game at some point. Something similar happened at the end of season 6 when players were able to hear the snowstorm approaching from the southwestern part of the island.

It is important to note that no one has confirmed that these are dragon sounds. However, considering that they sound like that and that dragon eggs have been found in the game, that theory makes a lot of sense. We are already in the fifth week of season 7, and while this season will be slightly longer than the previous seasons, we can expect some major in-game events to start happening this month.

Season 7 is scheduled to end in February, and this is when the Chinese New Year starts. There is a chance that Epic Games adds more things inspired by Chinese culture to the game, and that dragons will be one part of it.

Ninja's comments

Even though no one exactly knows what the purpose of dragons is going to be in "Fortnite Battle Royale," Ninja believes it is going to be another Mythic item.

"That's the next mythic, for sure," Ninja said on his stream, "it will be a dragon with like 5000 HP, it will be so massive."

While it was obvious that Ninja exaggerated his statement, it won't be surprising if dragons are indeed Mythic items. However, Epic Games hasn't received positive feedback for the last Mythic item in the game, so they should be careful when it comes to releasing these items.