Destiny 2’s” next content on the Black Armory DLC – Niobe Labs is set to go live today and it is expected to bring in new areas to the game and some new Exotics to grind for. There’s also an upcoming Exotic quest dubbed The Draw that is slated to be released later this month. With that in mind, there are players who have raised their concerns about it as they’re worried that it might be time-gated just like previous Exotic quests.

Reddit user u/Ramstine posted a suggestion over on the game’s subreddit requesting Bungie to not make The Draw time-gated content and hopes that it can be completed in a day.

He even went on stating that it’s the only thing that he’s been looking forward to in Black Armory.

A positive response

Community Manager Cozmo seemed to have heeded the request and he responded, stating that players will be able to complete the steps of the upcoming Exotic quest at their own pace, adding that they no longer have to wait for the next reset. Other members of r/DestinyTheGame were delighted with the announcement as was evident from the number of upvotes.

Cozmo on Tincture of Queensfoil to be used in Io

Cozmo also responded to another Redditor’s post suggesting the use of the Tincture of Queensfoil on Io to open the rift and open Whisper quest whenever the player pleases.

Just like The Draw post, it also gained some traction among members of the subreddit. Per the community manager, “the Drifter has been tinkering with a way” for Guardians to gain more access to Io adding that the Gambit host is getting there.

To stay a bit longer

Dmg, on the other hand, also made a response to another post asking as to when the Last Wish Guitar error will be fixed.

The OP even asked if there’s a “rough estimate” for the ongoing issue to be resolved.

Unfortunately, “Destiny 2” players will have to wait a bit more for the issue to be resolved as Dmg revealed that it’s still under investigation. He pointed out, however, that the potential cause of the bug has been identified, though they have to run some tests around suggested fixes.

Dmg further explained that they want to make sure that there won’t be new issues popping up by the time they push through with the changes. There's no definite time frame for a fix, but Dmg assured their player base that he’ll be rolling out updates as soon as they arise.

Prior to this, Dmg also made a response regarding the Dragonfly Spec mod stating that it was confirmed by the dev team that the mod is working as intended. However, they noticed that both network issues and latency prevent the perk from working properly.