Destiny 2” players are always on the lookout for possible ways to make quick work of a certain activity that they’re in. Whether it be equipping their Guardians with Exotics that have the best perks or stumbling upon some exploits in the game that would help them complete the activity in a quicker time. That said, a player has accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of eliminating a Strike boss using only a single melee attack.

Reddit user and “D2” player u/A_DVS_NTT recently took to r/DestinyTheGame to show how he did this one hit wonder. He also stated on his Reddit post that it is possible to inflict that insane amount of damage provided that his character is equipped with the right buffs and on the right activity.

The right Heroic Strike

DVS’ theory was tested on a Heroic Strike as the player explained that he can’t switch gears in Nightfall. He also pointed out that he waited for the needed modifiers to show up in the Strike, which includes solar burn, brawler, and iron. Other factors contributed to achieving the damage points that he needed. The Iron Banner bug has been addressed. But that's not all. "D2" players are also playing out Phase 1.

Per Game Rant, the player kept the Biotic Enhancements from the Synthoceps (he used a Titan) while switching to another gauntlet – Wormgod Caress. It eventually gave DVS’ Titan some bonus melee damage after getting five melee eliminations.

These combined damage buffs were then paired with Roaring Flames (Burning Maul subclass), a teammate’s Hammer Strike/Melting Point, and the Transcendent Blessing/Riven’s Cure mods for an additional Dreaming City damage.

This series of buffs resulted in DVS getting the damage points that he wanted as it was seen on his recent video.

Some clarifications

DVS also made several clarifications about some things that were raised by members of the subreddit.

One of them is the Well of Radiance that he stood in. He pointed out that the Well only affects weapon damage and not the ability damage.

He also stated that “the damage buff is only applied to the Sentinel that triggers it.” He explained this after someone asked why he didn’t use a Defender to get a 50 percent damage buff from its Defensive Strike.

He further explained that the damage buff does not carry over to allies. The player even debunked the belief that it can only be done on a PC, adding that “the loading time on the menu does not really matter a whole lot.” He went on to state that what he did can be done on any platform.