Season 7 could end up being the biggest "Fortnite Battle Royale" season ever. Epic Games has done a fantastic job adding winter-themed things to their most popular video game, and they keep working on releasing even more updates. Even though the latest season hasn't been out for even an entire week, it has already received a new update, and the game developer has announced some big plans for it.

It's still early December, and it appears that Epic Games is preparing more winter surprises for us. Christmas is in two weeks, so it won't be surprising if we get several map changes to celebrate this holiday.

According to the datamined game files, the video game developer is preparing winter versions of some existing "Fortnite Battle Royale" skins. Additionally, we can expect all of the skins that were released last December to be put in the store once again.

Winter-themed skins coming to Fortnite

Data miner FortTory has been very active when it comes to revealing new information from the "Fortnite Battle Royale" game data. The Twitter user has recently revealed that swords would be added to the popular video game, as well as a potential limited-time game mode that is related to these melee weapons. Additionally, the data miner has discovered the presence of winter versions of some released "Fortnite" skins.

According to the game data, at least three existing skins are going to get their winter models. These skins are Red Knight, Raven, and Love Ranger.

Customizable styles or separate skins?

The biggest question that remains is whether or not these winter variants are going to be free for everyone who already owns these skins. Epic Games hasn't added any visual files to the game data, which is why we cannot currently see what these skins are going to look like.

There is a chance that their owners are simply going to get additional customizable styles, which is what happened with Musha, Hime, and Tomatohead skins.

However, considering that the "Fortnite" developer released Dark Bomber as a separate skin, it wouldn't be surprising if all of these skins are treated as new skins. After all, all three of them are Legendary, and Epic might downgrade their rarity to Epic, lowering their price and making them available to more players. Brite Bomber was Epic and cost 1,500 V-Bucks, but its counterpart, Dark Bomber, was downgraded to Rare rarity with the cost of 1,200 in-game currency.