Destiny 2’s” Holiday-themed event – The Dawning - just went live alongside some new loot to grind for. Bungie also released a small patch (update 2.1.2) that brought in a couple of changes within the game’s items and economy. The developer also took to their social media channels to address some emerging issues in the game and responded to the community’s concerns which include Masterwork/Enhancement Cores, ammo changes, and the recent errors players have been encountering while playing the game.

As for the mini update’s patch notes, Bungie announced that they’ve increased the Prime Engram drops and now has “larger power bumps” for Guardians with power levels lesser than 600.

Also, the developer stated that they’ve already fixed the issue where players are not able to buy “D2’s” Annual Pass from the Director node.

Comp heavy ammo changes next week

Cozmo also revealed over on the game’s subreddit that there will be upcoming changes in the game’s competitive heavy ammo, adding that these are slated to go live on December 18 alongside a fix for an issue involving the Harbinger’s Echo. However, the community manager stated down in the comments that they are still working on a recent bug that caused Guardians to lose their sniper frame. He further explained that update 2.1.2 was already locked in before the issue came up.

A few days ago, he also commented on the same subreddit that they are investigating an issue where players are not gaining any Masterwork/Enhancement Cores whenever they hit Legend in Valor rank.

He pointed out that this was not an intended change after the Reddit post claimed that they “stealth removed” it.

In line with this, Bungie tweeted out that they’ve already identified the issue that causes the frames to disappear from a player’s inventory whenever they complete a different forge. That said, they advised players to keep only one frame in their inventory at a given time.

They’ve also announced that they’re temporarily disabling the ability to retrieve the Always on Time Sparrow from collections, adding that more details will be rolled out whenever they arise.

On Ballistic Logs

Dmg, on the other hand, clarified that Ballistic Logs are cleared on weekly reset.

This came after a Reddit post from u/iSnipedAgain stated that Guardians can’t carry over such consumables to the following week. He further explained that the functionality was not described on the item and the team responsible has been notified about it. He encouraged players, though, to leave their feedback about it as it will be passed along. The community manager’s response was not well received by the game’s player base as it received plenty of downvotes (-143 points as of writing).