Epic Games has added numerous mobility items to "Fortnite Battle Royale" in the past few seasons. While players had mobility items such as Launch Pads, the video game developer made a huge change with the v4.3 patch in late May. This update added shopping carts to the game, allowing players to see what it feels like to use a vehicle in the battle royale world, and it turned out that this was just first of many vehicles Epic would add.

After shopping carts, the creator of "Fortnite" added all-terrain karts in Season 5, followed by quadcrushers and airplanes.

Airplanes have been the latest addition to the game, and they add a whole new level of mobility for players. However, a lot of players believe that these vehicles are overpowered, and Epic Games is going to do something about it in the next update.

Airplane change

At the moment, airplanes in "Fortnite Battle Royale" have 800 hit points and they have a turret that can damage enemies, their structures, and vehicles. While the turret is not very accurate, it can deal massive damage to structures, and it can also destroy them easily with the speed boost. Players who fight against enemy pilots can also counter planes and take them down easily. However, there is no penalty for pilots when their planes are destroyed.

"Fortnite" players can fly planes recklessly and they won't be penalized for such behavior. Doing a nosedive to the ground or smashing a plane into an enemy structure doesn't put pilots at any disadvantage. Furthermore, once their planes are destroyed, they get glider re-deployment which allows them to land safely and even escape the action.

Fortunately, Epic Games is going to penalize players for having their airplanes destroyed. Eric Williamson, the lead designer, has announced that plane passengers are going to take a small amount of damage when their plane is destroyed. The developer made it clear that the team is still working on figuring out how much damage would be fair, but we can expect it to be at least 30 or 40 damage.

After this change, players will have to think twice before jumping in a plane and getting into action. There is no doubt that this change will make the game more balanced, and the community should welcome it.

The upcoming patch

The next "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch might also add swords to the game. Epic Games has revealed this feature in a short teaser, but its release date is currently unknown.