It's only been a week since the start of Season 7 of "Fortnite," and it already had a major update which included a new weapon. The new Infinity Blade has only been in the game for a couple of days, and some players already feel like it was a bad idea for Epic Games to put the blade in every mode, even the main solo, duo, and squad modes. If you didn't know, you could find the Infinity Blade at Polar Peak, which is a new addition to the "Fortnite" map which came with the latest season update.

New week two challenges

As usual, this week's challenges come with three free challenges and four challenges that are exclusive to season 7 Battle Pass owners.

The first free challenges is a simple one, players will have to find chests in seven different named locations, and it'll reward players with five battle stars. The second challenge a bit unique, players will have to damage opponents with at least five different types of weapons. The weapons can be grenades, pistols, rifles, etc. This challenge also rewards players with five battle stars. The last free challenge of week two requires players to eliminate at least three opponents in either Snobby Shores or Fatal Fields and on completion of this challenge, players are rewarded with 10 battle stars. All of these challenges can easily be completed in a single match if you're playing game modes like Team Rumble.

As for Battle Pass challenges, the first challenge requires players to visit Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park in the same match, and this is a multi-staged challenge so that more levels can be unlocked and players will get a total of five battle stars once the challenge is completed. It looks like the pianos are going to have a use in this season as well because of the next challenge tasks players with playing sheet music on Pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge.

This challenge rewards players with five battle stars.

The next week two challenge for the Battle Pass owners demands players to compete in a Dance Off at an abandoned mansion. This is the most exciting challenge included in this week's challenges but the difficulty for this challenge is "Hard," and I think it' worth it because it rewards players with 10 battle stars for a single Dance Off.

In the final challenge of this week, players need to eliminate a single opponent from at least 50 meters distance in order to complete it and get a reward of 10 battle stars.

That's it for this week's challenge, and you can easily complete some of these challenges just by landing somewhere near Polar Peak.