Fans of Resident Evil are undoubtedly overjoyed that they can now play some of their favourite entries from the franchise, on-the-go, thanks to Capcom porting them over to the Nintendo Switch but that was only the beginning. The company has announced that three more titles of the franchise are on their way to the hybrid console.

Capcom UK's Twitter account revealed that the titles in question are none other than "Resident Evil 1," "Resident Evil 0," and "Resident Evil 4." The three titles will be available on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

All three titles have already been ported to other Nintendo consoles in the past including the N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U. No word was given on the exact launch date/window for the ports or if they will have all the trimmings as their HD remastered versions that were previously released on other platforms including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, the last line on the tweet assures fans that more information for these ports will be made available soon.

And that makes six

The addition of the three titles to the Nintendo Switch brings the franchise port count up to six. The first port to make it to the hybrid console was the "Resident Evil Revelations Collection" back in November 2017.

The collection consisted of two titles; 'R.E. Revelations' and its sequel. The two titles were later joined by a seventh game, released in May. However, this port subtitled the "Cloud Edition" was made available via online streaming as opposed to a physical cartridge or digital download. It's not hard to understand Capcom's decision with porting more entries of the franchise to the portable console.

The company continues to report successful returns with the sales of their titles on the Nintendo Switch including those from the franchise.

The deal with Resident Evil

Capcom's franchise is not only known for popularizing the human vs zombie gameplay that's prevalent in today's market but also kick-started the whole survival horror genre in the game industry.

These are Video Games that tend to strip the player of most if not all of their power to stack the odds against their character in a horror-themed narrative. Hence the term. To date, there have been twenty-one titles spread across consoles, handhelds, and PC as well as nine mobile tie-in games. It also spawned a six-movie franchise, books and even nearly had its very own TV series.